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Programming Essay Examples

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Hotel Reservation System

I – Introduction A hotel is an establishment that provides paid lodging on a short-term basis. The provision of basic accommodation, in time past, consisting only of a room with a bed, a cup board, a small table and washstand has largely been replaced by rooms with modern facilities, including en-suite bathrooms and air conditioning…

Review of related literature about billing system

Create editable sequence diagram with Rational Software Architect Create editable sequence diagrams with Rational Software Architect What’s new in Rational Software Architect 8.5 and Design Manager 4 beta Notice the wording in my statement above: “Adopted 2.0 Draft Specification of UML.” It is true that the specification is still in draft status, but the key…

Robot Operating System (ROS)

I have visited the Industry Academia Cooperation Fair on last Thursday and Friday. I had a good experience there and improved a lot of knowledge from it. These are some pictures in this exhibition. 1. Research about ROS I think the lecture TORK(Tokyo Opensource Robotics Kyokai Association) provided is very interesting and significant, which talked…



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Java Calendar Tutorial

Introduction This tutorial is designed to provide you with an understanding of the Java Calendar class, it’s backgrounds, purpose and uses. It is created in such a manner as to allow even beginning Java programmers an understanding and feel for the uses of the Java Calendar class. The Java Calendar class was added to the…

Employer – Employee Relationship

Little Lamb Company needs an additional programmer for a special project. The company enters into a contract with Mary to complete this project. Just as the project is nearing completion, initially an independent contractor as she had a high degree of control over how the work is accomplished, and enters into a contract with the…

Advanced Web Programming

The objective of this program is to develop a graphical user interface that will convert the entered number which is in Fahrenheit to its equivalent value in Celsius. Aside from this, conversions like from Inches to Miles and Quartz to Cubic Feet is also included in the program. All screenshots are shown in the succeeding…

Thesis about computer engineering

1.1 Background of the Study Knowing the status of the academic performance of a student at the end of the semester will save time, money and the anxiety of the students. In this generation of information technology, computer is considered the lifeblood of society. This technology has changed the ways of life work and the…

Research Methodology

This chapter includes research method, setting of the study, subject of the study, source of data, procedure of the study, project design, hardware and software requirements and statistical treatment. Research Method The researchers used the descriptive method together with the developmental research to come up with desired system. Descriptive research is concerned with the description…

Process and Outcome Evaluations

Process Evaluation delves into the growth and execution of each specific program. This demonstrates whether or not the outcomes of calculated targets and executed strategies have been completed and are successful. This type of evaluations is usually implemented towards the end of a task, while assessing the program from beginning to end, as well as…

The world of programming

In the world of programming today, open source is one world that has made a great impact all around the world. Programmers all over the world have two completely different schools of thoughts. One of them states that the technology should be easy to use, and less functions that can be programmed easily, whereas on…

Quain Lawn and Garden, Inc. Case Analysis

After a false retirement Bill and Jeanne Quain realized their destined action in the plant and shrub business. The need for a high-quality commercial fertilizer prompted the innovation of a blended fertilizer called “Quain-Grow”. Working with chemists at Rutgers University, a mixture was constructed from four compounds, C-30, C-92, D-21 and E-11. Specifications (i.e constraints)…

Recommending a Low-Cost Customer Service

Executive Summary Acme De Mexico’s Manager has requested assistance in developing a minimum cost daily assignment schedule for the customer service employees in their newly built store. Specifically, he wants to know the minimum total cost per day, which is the decision variable. He also wants to know the exact amount of part time and…

Famous Creative Thinkers

In this assignment there are several great creative thinkers to choose from for completion. After reading through the list James Hal Cone and Grace Hopper became the choices. The reasoning was these individuals were so different in their paths of success, or for better word accomplishments. Both are extraordinary people; however their journeys are profoundly…

Linear Programming

Integer Programming is a mathematical approach which maintains that the solution of any mathematical problems should be in terms of whole numbers or integers. The purpose of integer programming is to find a nearest whole number solution to the Linear Programming (LP) problem within the constraints imposed. For example, the decimal solutions like 30. 5…

Statement of Purpose

An unusual tension that once prevailed over a studio audience was so strong that even the sound of a person swallowing his saliva could possibly be heard. Everyone was paying attention to a TV show hostess, a nationally-popular auctioneer. Her voice was a bit trembling in spite of an obvious effort to maintain a dignified…

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