Programme Essay Examples

Into my programm

BURPEES: I included this exercise in my programme in order to improve upon my all round stamina, cardio-respiratory fitness and accuracy if I choose to try and reach a mark on the wall while jumping and stretching upwards. I will be working for a short period of time, which will increase further into my programme,… View Article

What is Mark Lawson’s attitude towards the television programme

Mark Lawson’s article for the Guardian Newspaper ‘The 1940s House’ gives information to the readers about a television programme yet to be screened. He gives his personal and judgemental opinions but his attitude towards it is very positive. The type of language he uses in the article is flattering and persuasive. He describes the programme… View Article

Programme Schedule

It should be noted that although I have used Sky One as an example of a typical evenings viewing on Sky, this ignores the other channels available through the satellite broadcaster. But in doing so I am illustrating the channels provision in terms of target audience, rejection of a public service ethos (to educate, inform… View Article

Pre-determined programme

The relationship formed by nursing professionals with those who utilized healthcare services goes a long way in determining how satisfactory the users are. The nurses are in direct contact with patients and users of healthcare services, more often than the doctors are. They carry out the administration of drugs prescribed by doctors and go the… View Article

Graduate Teacher Programme

My passion in teaching children and young adults with diversified culture is attuned with my oral and written skills in the following languages: German, French, Spanish, Latin, and English. Early in life, I discovered that I have an innate ability to learn foreign languages and a keen interest in being with people with diverse nationalities…. View Article