Professionalism Essay Examples

A Culture of Professionalism

One of the challenges of making Kamak a professional organization is to get Pete, the Managing Director, to change his leadership style that is suitable to the organizational culture. First and foremost, Pete has to accept that he is merely a driver of that culture rather than its measure, and that he should get in… View Article

What is professionalism to me and what does it mean

Professionalism is being an expert and specializing in knowledge of ones professionally of their practice. Its about being highly motivated and doing what is asked of someone and fallowing through with whatever is asked. Also showing up early or being on time, in the right uniform or looking like your ready for whatever you would… View Article

Professionalism: Professional and Greater Job Satisfaction

To improve professionalism, focus on improving in each of these areas. A professional has high ethical standards and displays integrity and excellence in work and helps advance the industry in which he is employed. Becoming more professional at work begins with having a positive attitude toward your job. Aim to demonstrate hard work, dedication and… View Article

Professional Educator Professionalism

Professional development is an important aspect of an educator’s life. Without continuous development, there will be no true development. To enhance professionalism, I will look for trainings and seminars enhancing my skills and participate in these activities. I can benefit from such seminars and trainings in two ways. One is by learning more about educator… View Article

Professionalism and system of Healing

Much of the existing sociological work on professions and professionalism takes a structural approach (Macdonald 1995); the focus is on how groups of people professionalize, or how professionalism can be defined, which occupations count as ‘true’ professions (Johnson 1981). For this reason ‘professionalism’ is often dismissed as rhetoric. In order to achieve status and monopolistic… View Article