Profession Essay Examples

The value of multimedia Digital Libraries to the medical profession

Abstract: Verious method were applied in the dissemination of medical information through offline established libraries. The problem of location, time constraints, and unavailability of the requested documents often arises. Consequently, the proposed “Multi-media Digital Library” is to enhance easy accessibility and dissemination of medical information via the internet and in other media used in the… View Article

Teaching as a Profession

Every child has the right to be sent to school to gain knowledge that could not be sufficed at home. They are intended to study on schools that will cater their needs not only for basic life information but about the different aspects of life that might help them as they grow up like the… View Article

A Study of Mrs. Warren’s Profession

Although George Bernard Shaw finished writing Mrs. Warren’s Profession in 1893, he was unable to get a license to stage it until 1902. Since this play deals with the double standards between rich and poor and men and women the inability for it to be performed in London for nine years is both poignant and… View Article

Professional Growth Development

      In every profession it is essential for an individual to develop and grow professionally. Leaning is a ritual aspect in professional development. Each day presents new demands that call for specified techniques in solving them. This paper studies career development for registered nurses working in the ICU.       The first step an individual needs in personal… View Article

Related Studies Foreign

Foreign Langer (Journal 2004 p. 76). The research team identified three types of teachers: 1. Effective teachers in effective schools; 2. Effective teachers in typical schools, and 3. Typical teachers in typical schools. In effective schools, students were “beating the odds” in test scores, and the effective teachers there found their work encouraged and sustained… View Article

Illusions about the New Global Profession

The author of the article, Sean O’Riain must have been ultra-fascinated with the transitions in the nature of the workplace, claiming it has gone “global” which notably implies that the software development career path is an epitome of the big change brought about by ever-increased worldwide networking. But however fascinating the discussions on the changes… View Article

My Ambition to Become a Pilot

What is ambition? Ambition is a strong desire to achieve something. It differs from man to man. Most of die people want to become rich; many want to be powerful; others have certain goals in their life to achieve. However, majority of them are after wealth to become the richest in the world. I too… View Article


This paper aims to provide an insight of my understanding regarding profession in relation to its elements, to the hierarchy of needs, and the resources I deem necessary for the development of a professional. I shall be speaking of a profession I aspire to be doing someday – becoming a lawyer. One of the most… View Article

Teacher Salary

The starting pay of a teacher in Manatee County with a four year degree is $32,000, the exact say pay of a manager with a high school diploma at Walgreens. The amount of time and effort put into developing your craft in the classroom and becoming a successful teacher should require a higher salary that… View Article

Ambition to Become a Doctor

Everybody has an aim in life. Aim or ambition is the inner desire of man. No man can do anything in the world if his aim is not fixed. So, all of us should be very clear about our aim in life. We may face many difficulties in reaching our desired target, but we have… View Article

Learning Skills Improvement Service

In my position as a workshop trainer at Deerbolt young offenders’ institute, the education I deliver for The Manchester College as part of their Offender Learning is supported, monitored and shaped by various professional bodies. The purpose of these bodies or sector skills councils vary however they all have a common goal in ensuring and… View Article

To maintain a commitment to professionalism

As a teacher of young children I am aware of my disposition at all times. Being professional is very important in a child care setting. One of my roles is to serve as a positive role model to the children in my child care. I dress appropriately to work effectively with young children. My co-worker… View Article

My Dream Job

My dream job is to become a police officer. My uncle is an NYPD officer he has inspired me from an early age to help protect the streets we live in. I believe all officers must have certain traits to become successful. Police officers must be hardworking, trustworthy, reliable, and have strong leadership skills. Without… View Article

Future of Your Chosen Career

I would like to define a chosen career? A career is a goal or desire that you want to accomplish and maintain. It is a development of goals in a particular area using your skills to build your dream (Pavlina, S. 2005). Choosing a career helps to increase your determination to succeed. The choice to… View Article

Qualities of My Ideal Job

The ideal job is a career path where you do work which you love and which completely satisfies you. It is the profession that one is good at, interested in, and most importantly, happy doing, and getting rewarded with a source of income for it. To understand what work would be ideal job, I really… View Article