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Profession Essay Examples

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Narrative Report

Title Page ON-THE-JOB TRAINING at Bureau of Internal Revenue Outlook Drive, Baguio city In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for < Name of Program > Submitted by: KATHLEEN JOY BUCLAO Submitted to: DAN EVERT SOKOKEN BSBA Chariperson < Date Submitted > Dedication The successful realization of this Narrative report is gratefully dedicated to all the…

Critical theory and professionalism

In what ways can critical theory shed light on professionalism? This presentation explores how critical theory can provide a perspective for critiquing professionalism in education. In so doing the nature of the relationship between the professionalisation and social movement trends in education is addressed. An attempt at a definition of professionalism is going to be…

Developing Yourself as an effective HR Practitioner

Introduction The intention of this report is to address the following learning outcomes:- •to understand the knowledge, skills and behaviours required to be an effective HR practitioner; •know how to deliver timely and effective HR services to meet users’ needs and; •be able to reflect on my own practice and development needs and maintain a…



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ALDI Business expansion through training and development

Aldi (short for Albrecht Discounts) is a globally operating and expanding discount retailer with over 8,000 stores all over the world. The company was founded in 1913 in Germany by two brothers. In 1960 the former Albrecht KG was separated in Aldi Sued and Aldi Nord. The headquarters are located in Essen (Aldi Nord) and…

Narendra Modi

1. Showing concern about the dwindling importance of teaching profession in the eyes of youth, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that there is need to find out why the value of a teacher has lost its sheen and why students don’t want to be teachers when they grow up. 2. The Prime Minister said there…

Educator Role Plan

Envisioning my future and creating my personal strategic plan addressing my professional development needs for my career is imperative as I face changes in my career post-graduation. Realizing my strengths and weaknesses will allow for development in the areas of need. Faculty educators may perform different roles such as advisors and mentors. A strategic plan…

Nursing as a Profession

The question of whether the practice of nursing is considered a profession or an occupation is an ongoing debate, much like the ongoing debate over what defines a profession. Several scholars have outlined criteria for considering an occupation to be a profession. Given a list of scholars and their criteria for what characteristics define a…

Professional Presence

Unit 1 Overview Understanding Professionalism Success in your chosen career is defined by many factors. As you will see in this course, professionalism is one of the key factors in every career. What is professional presence and how do you maintain and develop this presence both in your career and lifestyle? Professionals come in all…

Business & Organizational Ethics

Course Description: This course is designed to develop an understanding of the theory and practical application of ethical issues facing business and organizational leaders/ in the 21st century. Students will explore a variety of ethical paradigms and will become actively engaged in the evaluation and in-depth examination of critical topics in management today. This course…

Advocacy Case Study

In this article it speaks about how teachers within the Atlanta Public School System have become the greatest advocates for their students. The author says that one of the greatest blessings of his professional life is the opportunity that he has to speak with hundreds and hundreds of his Special Education colleagues. Before and after…

Career Comparison Assignment

Since I first arrived in the United States as an international student from Vietnam, I always want myself to be a professional accountant. I have evolved to be convinced that a university in this develop country will help me to fulfill my dreams in the near future. I am described as an organized, sociable, and…

Compare and contrast teaching and medical doctor proffesion

A profession is something a little more than a job, it is a career for someone that wants to be part of society, who becomes competent in their chosen sector through training; maintains their skills through continuing professional development (CPD); and commits to behaving ethically, to protect the interests of the public.We all rely on…

Foundation and history of nursing and how it affects practice

In order to fully understand our heritage, nurses must learn our professional genealogy – from how the profession evolved from ‘traditional’ ministering of the sick to the professionals we are today. Our history gives us a perspective in the traditions we have as nurses and a legacy to pass on to new nurses as they…

Professional Development Opportunities

NAYCE (National Association for the Education of Young Children) – http://www.naeyc.org NAYCE is a vast among the Early Childhood Education. The programs feed knowledgeable information to Early Childhood teachers. Teachers can become a member and go to many Expos and Conference to meet other teachers and program directors. NAYCE also have educational books online for…

Responsibility for Personal and Professional Development

Effective personal and professional development is the result of co-operative and co-ordinating working at all levels in the University and also with the individual members of staff. At the strategic level the personal and professional development implications of strategy and vision must be recognised and resourced. Overall responsibility for the development and delivery of Personal…

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