Productivity Essay Examples

Measuring individual productivity

Measuring individual and group productivitycan be a hard area for the appraiser to work in, because they have to provide a lot of appraisal for each individual employee. This means that there maybe very little difference between different employee’s appraisals and this may cause dissatisfaction. Supervisors can see how the behaviour of an employee effects… View Article

Human Capital Management

InterClean has merged with EnviroTech in order to evolve with the industry and providing not only cleaning products, but also solutions and services. This merger is an opportunity for InterClean to reposition itself and expand their understanding of the marketplace, customer’s needs, and to break through into new markets. The company’s goal is to provide… View Article

Safelite Autoglass

My first part-time job in my life was actually my first job. It was an unpaid part-time internship in one of the local commercial banks in Baku, Azerbaijan. Mainly internships in Azerbaijani banks are not paid; hence the financial part of the job was not my main driver and motivation to work. As it was… View Article

How Frequent Organisational Changes Affect Employees

Today’s business world is constantly evolving. To keep up with the rapidly shifting environment, companies introduce process changes frequently within their organization to improve performance, and outdo their competition. In this memo, the pros and cons of frequent organizational changes are first investigated. By going through the effectiveness of adopting specific activities and leadership style… View Article

Milan Sanitation Department

1) What are the strengths and weakness of the system that Mr. Sponza developed for the control repair facility? Strengths a) By changing eight department they called shops as a “Profit Center” change the work attitudes of the workers. Since they’re now profit oriented, their productivity increase thus increase profits. b) By having this concept… View Article

Employer Associations & Modern Awards

There have been substantial changes to modern awards over the years that employer associations have historically and are currently advocating. In this regard, issues such as penalty rates and flexibility stemming from employer association submissions have been researched and examined by (Sheldon & Thornthwaite 2013) portraying evidence that employer associations relatively prefer cost cutting and… View Article

Compensation Strategies

Executive Summary This report will look at 3 different compensation systems that our company can develop and roll out within our company for our employees and future employees. Compensation is one of the most important and rewarding factors for our employees. Employees rely on their compensation to pay their rent or mortgage, food for their… View Article

Acetate department

1) What were the objectives of the production reorganization at Acetate? The main objective of the production reorganization at Acetate Department was to improve production capacity, to increase productivity. 2) Why do you think the objectives of the reorganization were not realized, even though no employees lost their jobs, and salaries were increased? Even though… View Article