Problem Essay Examples

Youth Feedback for Youth Problems

Despite regulation, underage students in colleges around the nation find it easy to consume alcohol and are very likely to binge drink. What are the implications? What is the role of formal control? Perhaps the best way to answer these questions is to pose them to the young community builders who may be aware of… View Article

Decision Making

The decision making approach that will be employed by the organization is based on a model where all members of the organization will be involved. A decision is made when the organization is faced with some problems in its operations or when the organization plans to redraw its operation so as to plan for the… View Article

Fast Food and Vending Machines Aren’t the Problem

There has been an ongoing debate as to whether schools should be allowed to subsidize and sell fast food in the cafeterias as well as the use of vending machines in schools. I believe that it is when people who prepared the food started to lose sight of proper nutrition and portioning that made the… View Article

Drug Addiction: And Urban Social Problem

There are several concurrent urban social problems and for many years now authorities of a community have huge difficulties in eradicating these socially damaging situations. The issue of drug addiction has always been common and widespread in our society. For some reasons this worldwide predicament is very difficult to expunge thus, creating a humungous problem… View Article

Visual Aid that Illustrates a Problem

Organizations these days are facing numerous problems related to recruitment, job assignment, fair performance evaluation, and encouraging diverse workforce within the workplace. Nevertheless there is another growing problem for the organizations that has significant impacts over the performance and as well as reputation of a company. It does not create a mouth-opening effect on us… View Article

The free rider problem

Free rider problem is a concept used in environment concerns, especially in the case of positive and negative externalities. Free rider problem refers to a situation in which a part of population avoids bearing costs and enjoys the benefits of the rest of the population that has accepted to bear the costs of externalities. It… View Article

The Drug Problem

Drugs have been a consistent problem of the society. For a long time, the drug problem has been regarded as a criminal problem. Treating it as a criminal problem has only resulted in criminalization and I believe that accepting the drug problem as a social problem could prove more beneficial to the society primarily because… View Article

Organizational Behavior

There are basically three problems identified by Vice President. The first problem is at the Denver facility where customer service problems have aroused due to equipment location problems. This facility is also facing the problem when trucks come to pick up material. The only viable solution to this problem is the restructuring of the entire… View Article

A problem related to GSU graduation ceremony

Graduates’ names will no longer be individually called- the graduates during the commencement ceremony will be recognized according to their respective college and degree. Names will no longer be called individually. While this seems a major deviation from the traditional ceremony where graduates will be called one by one, it also aims for efficiency because… View Article

Community Response to a Community Problem

The youth gang problem in Southern California has reached epidemic proportions, and it calls for immediate action. However, any meaningful response on a social concern must be made with an understanding of the root causes of such an issue. Here we identify possible key causes of gang involvement and draw out implications for possible solutions… View Article

Gambling and Pathological Problem

Prior to the case studies and research reports by known psychologist of our time, gambling is see as an act of passing away the time in a friendly atmosphere of playing for money. When gambling is becoming a habit for someone, gambling started to connote as an act that is bad, especially when the person… View Article

Functions of Public Relations

The functions of public relations are usually divided into the two large groups: societal functions and organizational functions. It is crucial to evaluate the importance of both functional aspects of public relations. Functions of Public Relations Introduction The functions of public relations are traditionally divided into the two large groups: organizational and societal. While media… View Article

The Poverty Problem

In almost every part of the world, the plague that poverty is can be seen. Even in the most prosperous countries and cities, there are gray areas that reek of poverty. However, poverty is not unsolvable. Pogge (2005, p. 2) highlights one aspect of solving global poverty which involves the prosperous countries. To Pogge, the… View Article

One Major Political-Economic Problem

The political and economic power of Muslim Arab countries has been continuously growing for many decades or so; however, the question of how to deal and relate with Islamist movements who reject violence, adhere to democracy, and outperform their opponents has become a central concern of the Muslim Arab countries. There is a need to… View Article

Group Working Skills

As it’s saying Two Heads Are Better Then One, what if there were more than two, people prefer working with their friends, or others in a group to achieve their goals easier, but nowadays even studies require a group work, and sometimes the member of it will be chosen randomly, so they would probably face… View Article