Principles Essay Examples

Connecting Woolf’s Feminist Principles

To some Virginia Woolf is a pioneer of feminism, to others she is a mere novelist whose works reflect the position of women within a society whose main discourse was aimed at female suffrage. What is certain is that today Woolf is known more for her literary works than for her essays on the inequalities… View Article

Feminine Principles

People usually accept themselves as weak and helpless because of the speed of economical and social changes and the destruction of labor security. Therefore, it is a period of the unsafe world we live in. However, a majority of real experts and specialists, especially women, are getting to know how to find out their workplaces… View Article

CPTED principles

I. The following are the Four CPTED Principles arranged in their relative importance: 1. Surveillance- Surveillance for me is the most important of the four CPTED principles. This approach is direct; a person will avoid performing a crime when they feel that they can be observed. It is also important because it allows some level… View Article

Creative Accounting and Fraud: A Violation of Ethical Principles

There are numerous books, references and guidelines that are available that provide detailed accounting standards. Yet, especially over the past few years, these same standards were neglected or deliberately misapplied for personal gain. There had been a number of high profile cases that involved fraudulent financial reporting. At the top of the list were Enron… View Article

Covey Principles

In a society where everything is quick-fix and modeled after the fast food restaurant it is no surprise that corporate America faces the current dilemma of failing management and disinformation. Covey reminds us we must be willing to get personally involved with our job, life, family, and so on. This essay will discuss four principles… View Article

Lyndall Urwicks 10 Principles to Management

Lyndall Urwick has been prolific and an enthusiastic writer on the subject of administration and management. His experience covered industry, the armed forces and business consultancy. Like other classical writers, Urwick developed his ‘principle’ on the basis of his own interpretation of the common elements and processes, which he identified in the structure, and operation… View Article

GASB and FASB Accounting Paper

In this paper I will describe the different between GASB and FASB and their objectives of the two standards. I will also provide how to modified accrual basis of accounting in which they differs from full accrual accounting. The GASB sets generally accepted accounting standards for the government except the federal government and non-profit organizations… View Article

Financial Accounting Standards Board

Runway Discount (Runway), a privately held online retailer, has implemented a new customer referral marketing campaign. The campaign involves incentivizing current customers to refer their friends to Runway’s website. When a current customer refers someone who makes a purchase on Runway’s website, the referring customer receives a $25 credit to be applied to a future… View Article