Primary School and Typical Young Kid Essay

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Primary School and Typical Young Kid

I can remember one event in my grade school days that I did not like. You could say it being one of my worst days of my life. I was in the fifth grade, in a school in Clovis, NM. This school believed in paddling if you got in trouble. The teacher I had, acted like he love to enforce this rule. He would tell us, every time we acted out, that he was going to paddle us as he waved his paddle in the air.

We were told to do homework for the weekend and to bring it back on the next Monday. I didn’t want to do this long homework assignment, I wanted to go play with my friends and play video games. I was a typical young kid; I just wanted to have fun. That whole weekend I did not touch that assignment. I don’t even think I took my homework out from my backpack.

The Moring of that Monday I completely forgot about my homework. When I got to school and sat down at my desk, the teacher asked “Who did their homework”? Most of the class raised their hands; I was not one of them. The teacher told for the ones that did not do their work have to stay in for recess and finish it. That just made me mad; I wasn’t allowed to go play with my friends. When recess time came and when my friends went out to play, I just stared out the window and refused to do my work.

About the time recess was over and the class was coming in, the teacher walked in and told us to bring our work to his desk in front of the class. There was only two of use that gave him a blank assignment. He didn’t take that to well, as he grabbed both papers and directed us to follow him to the office. At the office he looked up for our parent’s numbers from the school records. When he called my step mom and told her what I did he asked if it was ok to discipline me, if he couldn’t do it than she was to come and do it herself. He hanged up the phone with only the word “Ok” and then he took both of us out in the hall and paddled us both with two swings each across our bottoms.

I did not like that school day, I never saw that teacher the same way after that incident. It made me be aware of my actions. From that day I made sure I did all my work. I didn’t want to get paddle again. It was a very cruel way to punish but it was a very infected to make the kids listen.

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