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Presidential election Essay Examples

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Presidential Election in Indonesia is more democratic than Presidential Election in USA

In Reform Era (1999-2009) the electoral system of Indonesia based on Law: 1) Regulation Number 2 year 1999 about Political Party. 2) Regulation Number 3 year 1999 about General Election. 3) Regulation Number 1999 about position and structure of MPR, DPR and DPRD.1 Which the electoral system is indirectly but at 2004 the electoral system…

Presidential Election of 1912

The election of 1912 followed a “great victory” for Theodore Roosevelt (1901-1908) and a “drastic failure” for William Howard Taft (1908-1912), as seen through the eyes of the public. Both presidents represented the Republican Party, but before the elections of 1912 Roosevelt separated, along with his progressive Republicans and insurgents, and formed a new political…

Who Will Win the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election

This year, neither one of the democratic candidates will be able to secure their nominations before the convention. Both democratic candidates, Hilary Clinton, the United States senator from New York and former first lady, and Barack Obama, past senator of Illinois are in a dead heat till the finish. Currently, contests are closely divided in…



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Presidential Election

The democratic government of the United States of America has a different and unique of electing the head of their State. The use of Electoral College has been going on for tow centuries now. This electoral process has been used for many years. Many president of USA seated and led America because of this process…

Philippine Presidential Elections 2016

The 2016 presidential election is one of the most talked about topic of today. To date, just more than a year from now we will again be having our new set of national leaders. It is again the time when we can use our power to vote and elect the deserving person that will eventually…

Examine the Significance of the Televised Debates in Presidential Election Campaigns

Televised presidential debates are held between the two major party presidential candidates that occur during September and October of the presidential election year. There is also traditionally one debate between the two vice-presidential candidates. The first debates were held in 1960, but it was another 16 years before televised debates were held again. There have…

Presidential election

The race for the house on Pennsylvania Avenue seems to be heating up every primary that goes by. Seemingly too, the candidates that want to go on are also the ones that can and will make history. Democrats’ Illinois Senator Barack Obama and New York Senator Hillary Clinton are set to make a historical milestone…

Issues in the 2008 Presidential Elections

The forthcoming US presidential election has elicited excitement from the public due to its unique characteristics. For the first time in the history of the United States there is a high probability that the next president to take the office will be either the most advanced in age or be from a minority grouping. The…

Presidential election

During the 2004 presidential election, John Kerry offended dozens of military families, both the enlisted men and their relatives, with a gaffe he said was directed at President George Bush. The candidate for president claimed that most American soldiers joined the military because they had no better options, that the economy made them do it….

Forecasting Presidential Election

The economy of the United States is believed to be experiencing a “recession”, creating a global effect on the economies of other nations. The Democratic Party of the United States has several essential arguments when dealing with the national economy. For instance, Democrats largely believe in the principle of graduated tax incomes which focus on…

United States presidential election 1828

Jackson’s followers were common men who believed in the rights for the lower and working classes, strict interpretation of the constitution,and democracy instead of a republic. Many of his followers were inspired when Jackson rose from little education and social opportunity and took President, and they knew he would protect their rights and fight for…

On Why George Bush Won the 2004 Presidential Elections

The “Economic and Demographic Determinants of Presidential Voting”, a journal published in 2005 and written by Robert McNown from the Department of Economics at the University of Colorado, examines on how George Bush won the 2004 US Presidential election. McNown claimed that the area of socio-economic uniqueness of the citizenry removes the implication of statistics…

Mexican Americans and Presidential Elections

The United States has generally been a neutral country in its history. However, in 1914, the country was plunged into World War I after being provoked by many attacks. One of many small attacks included “accidentally” sinking a United States ship that was exporting goods to other England. After the sinking of the Lusitania, once…

The United States Presidential Election

The recent victory of Barack Obama in the United States Presidential Election of 2008 is one of the biggest issues among many other big events that have occurred in America this year. Early on, even during the presidential primaries, the topic of whether or not then Presidential candidate Obama would be influential enough to win…

The 2008 Presidential Election. . . Who Will I vote?

Not every citizen has the freedom to choose a person whom he or she thinks is capable of leading an entire country. Suffrage is defined as the civil right to vote. “In most democracies, citizens or subjects above the voting age can normally vote in its elections. It came from the Latin word suffragium, meaning…

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