Presidential Candidate Essay Examples

Presidential Campaign Policy

The 2008 presidential campaign will be remembered for the stark contrasts between the two candidates and their respective policies. Other than the obvious contrasts of race and age, John McCain and Barack Obama represent two very different philosophies of government. Two examples of this contrast are the domestic policy area of taxes and the foreign… View Article

Political Campaigning

Presidential candidates are known by the people through many various ways but usually the media contributes a lot of it. The candidates ensure that there campaign messages reach there supporters through the media. The paper will focus on Barack Obama presidential campaign and Senator Frank Lautenberg campaign. It will look at there similarities in campaigning… View Article

Presidential Campaign Ads

Presidential campaign commercials are truly an efficient means to persuade voters to give their full support of the candidates. Aside from posters and town-to-town campaigns, these political commercials give additional projection to the candidates and also influence the people’s mind to win their ballots. On the site’s examples, the presidential candidates’ ads were somewhat similar… View Article

The solutions for each presidential candidate on the mortgage foreclosure

One presidential candidate has been proposing government intervention in the mortgage crisis consistently while the other has changed his position recently. This speech’s purpose is to let everyone know about the details encircling each candidates plan thus empowering the voter with the right information to judge their candidates. Audience analysis The audience will be composed… View Article

2008 Presidential Debates

The October 7 debate, sponsored by the Commission on Presidential Debates, took place in Belmont University, Nashville, Tennessee and Tom Brokaw (NBC News) was the moderator. Questions were selected from thousands of online messages and were based on domestic and foreign policy. Overall, the issue that dominated the debate was the economy with both candidates… View Article

A Description of the Attributes a Presidential Candidate Should Have

The American President represents much more than an institution. To people around the world he is representative of their hopes and fears for the future and is the focus of intense feelings and emotions. The voting process represents an extremely significant period in American politics where US citizens vote for their President. Their votes are… View Article