Presentation Essay Examples

Staging and presentation

I will be talking about how Shakespeare has shown Richard to be a true machiavel. I will do this by focussing on I.1, I.2, III.7 AND V.3. I will be examining the features of language, staging and presentation. A machiavel is villainous stock characters, who are practised liars (artful in their deception). This brings delight in… View Article

Arthur Miller ‘s presentation

By focusing on three or four scenes, examine Arthur Miller ‘s presentation of John Proctor’s moral journey. A crucible is defined in the dictionary as ‘a severe test or trial’. Throughout this play, John Proctor’s morals and beliefs are challenged to a great extent as we watch his character develop and admire his strength to… View Article

PowerPoint Presentation Analysis

Identify Turbo Centre is the company that I am working for. It has newly been set up in Romford. Since Turbo Centre is a not a very renowned company in this area, so therefore has very limited customers. Due to this lack of customers Turbo Centre is in danger of closing down, as their business… View Article

Presentation of information

Here is various data which I obtained from the 2001 West Finchley census that is based around the demography of the area. This data will help me to make conclusions about potential customers, levels of income etc. I have converted some census data into graphs and kept some as tables. From this graph taken from the… View Article

Interactive presentation

The interactive presentation I am making is to help the customers find their way around the shop and get the information needed to access it efficiently. I will actually need a computer to make it; there is also various different hardware that I will need to use in order for my presentation to work, a… View Article

Compare and contrast the presentation

In both 1984 and The Handmaid’s Tale the past is constantly being made aware by the main characters in the novels, Winston and Offred. They struggle to live with the memories of the past, significant change since and their life compared to then and now. However Winston and Offred have different degrees in remembering the… View Article

What constitutes an outstanding presentation instead of a mediocre one

Presentations, are defined as the simplest collection of ideas that help persuade, inform or motivate people (Stevenson, 2002, p. 3). In the past, presentations were simply concerned with a monotonous display of bullet-point lists, to convey the speaker’s train of thoughts. Today, technology has encouraged a broad variety of presentation mediums: standalone presentations on the… View Article

Presentation of the Principles of Science in the Movie Armageddon

People have successfully created an advance and modern attack of imparting to students the principles of and topics relating to science or physics laws. What used to be a general learning course of study present in every curriculum of almost all school facilities was made into an exciting and entertaining education. This is attributed to… View Article

Instructional presentation & follow-up task 6

: The term ‘Instructional pacing’ is used to refer to the tempo or speed at which tasks are presented by a teacher/instructor in the course of a lesson. ‘Pacing’ is also an expression occasionally used by instructors to refer to the rate at which a certain individual or a group of students might be progressing… View Article

The cardinal rule

The cardinal rule in creating a presentation is that the opening must be able to immediately engage the audience and capture their attention. While it is also important to maintain the interest of the audience all throughout the presentation, the first five (5) minutes of the presentation are the most crucial. It is more difficult… View Article

Presentation Ansognosia

Slide 1 (Wait for the cartoon character to appear) Slide 2 My job  is to speak on the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation  and the pognosis of Anosognosia. Questionnaires and diagnostic methods insuffiecient Slide 3  Let us talk about the assessment of insight and awareness. Slide 4  Assessment is a problem as results depend on what… View Article

Effective Presentation Delivery

There are various essential features of an effective presentation. Such presentations are memorable as well as consistent. The introduction to an effective presentation usually carries an attentive-getting device, e. g. an interesting short story; a thesis statement; a statement of significance that allows the presenter to easily connect with the audience; a statement of credibility,… View Article


First, to ensure the improvement and continued success of my upcoming PC-2 presentation, I should keep in mind the strong points of my previous work, and make a conscious effort to continue them. I must make sure that I continue to be lively, persuasive and enthusiastic. I should also ensure that I prepare well for… View Article

Note for a Presentation

The presentation is focused on the various design techniques of WireWalkers club. The design techniques follow UML design patterns which primarily starts with the high level design, namely the Use Case model. The Use Case model is further detailed to class diagram and subsequently to database diagram for fetching the required tables that needs to… View Article


As a matter of introduction, I would provide the students with all relevant information concerning the topic in question and thereafter introduce the use of graphic organizers. Firstly, I would let the students be in pairs and assign them a task which will require the two to discuss. I would henceforth combine several pairs of… View Article