Prayer Essay Examples

Comparison of Meditation and Prayer

All things denote that there is God. From the air around us to the tip of the heavens, we know that there is a Supreme Being that created all things.  While there are people who do not believe in God, some are still fascinated and enjoying the great things that God had created. There are… View Article

Methods of Personal Prayer in the Medieval Church

The medieval church period was a time of dynamic developments in the methods of personal prayer. The early church had already addressed the appropriate situation of prayer, including posture, the direction toward which Christians should pray, and the hours of prayer. Over the next one thousand years, the Roman Catholic church built upon this tradition…. View Article

Prayer should be allowed in Public Schools

The issue regarding the constitutionality of mandatory school prayer in schools in hinged on the separation between the church and the state that has been decreed by the constitution. On one side, there are those who argue that prayer in public school classrooms should be declared unconstitutional because it involves “excessive entanglement,” which is prohibited… View Article

Unanswered Prayers

Some people claim that when they pray, they can feel God’s presence, and that he is listening. These people are usually Christians. However, other people say that when they pray in church and at home, they cannot feel God’s presence. This can sometimes make them feel like they are doing something wrong, such as they… View Article

Persuasive Speech about Prayer in Public Schools

Ladies and Gentlemen all protocol observed, I would like to tell you the facts behind the reason why I am against prayers in public schools. Prayer in public schools should no be allowed since it is inconsiderate of the different religions that are represented in the school. Public schools host people from all religions since… View Article

Our Teacher, Our Hero

“You’ve better changed being naughty & playful…or else you’ll hurt not just me Carl!… “Now, start cleaning our room…“You do you work properly then you may go now, okay? That’s a very normal incident in a Freshmen’s atmosphere. We can’t deny the reality that 1st year level is under adjustment period to the new world… View Article