Postmodernism Essay Examples

The Seduction Of Unreason

Postmodernism suffers many critics, some arguing for its responsibility in practically destroying the study of literature in America and Europe with a Leftist bent. Richard Wolin, professor of history and comparative literature at the City University of New York, disagrees and his own critique is that Postmodernism’s founding fathers were fascinated – almost obsessed –… View Article

Postmodernism: Its Early Approach

Postmodernism is a complicated term where its idea and concept appears in a wide variety of disciplines or area of studies. Postmodernism can be applied in art, architecture, politics, literature, technology etc. However to evaluate postmodernism and to acquire its main concept, it is mostly significant to trace its origin and how the term was… View Article

Postmodernism & history

Postmodernism refers to a shift in the non art components of history, particularly after the 1960s. It is marked by developments in culture, society and the economy. One drawback to postmodernism is the idea that it is concrete. Instead, postmodern society continues to go through enormous change that can be contributed to ever changing aspects… View Article

Implications of Postmodernism

Postmodernism can be referred to as an aesthetic, political, literary or social philosophy, which lays a foundation with an attempt to explain a state or condition of something which is concerned with changes in the worldly institutions and conditions. Postmodernism over time has emerged as a field of academic study in various disciplines such as… View Article

Postmodernism and other philosophical approaches to meaning

Humans have forever been trying to find out the essential meaning of life. What does life mean and what makes it meaningful? These questions have been answered in different ways by philosophers who strive to present what life means and what it entails. Postmodern philosophy presents meaning through influences from existentialism and post-structuralism. It doubts… View Article

Postmodernism Revise

Discussion Question One, Due Thursday, 600 words Compare and contrast the idea of a “legitimate voice” from the modern and the postmodern perspective.   Legitimate Voice refers to the capability of the people to act upon what they actually perceive upon. This identifies the undeniable want of people to prove that what they believe in… View Article


1. responses to modernism, especially refusals of some of its totalizing premises and effects, and of its implicit or explicit distinction between ‘high’ culture and commonly lived life 2. responses to such things as a world lived under nuclear threat and threat to the geosphere, to a world of faster communication, mass mediated reality, greater… View Article

Evaluate Postmodernist Explanations of the Role and Functions of Religion in Contemporary Society

Evaluate postmodernist explanations of the role and functions of religion in contemporary society. Postmodernist religion can be defined as any type of religion that is influenced, interpreted or shaped by postmodernism and postmodern philosophies. Postmodern religion is not an attempt to banish religion from society; rather, it is a philosophical approach to religion that considers… View Article

Post Modern Architecture vs International Style Modernism

Postmodernism began appearing in a variety of artistic fields in the 1960s and 1970s, although it was most dramatically visible in the field of architecture, where it was adopted to describe the new forms of contemporary buildings, which returned to ornamentation, quotation of tradition, and the resurrection of past styles that a more purist modernist… View Article

Post-modern management

It has always been the goal of man to be able to describe humanity and the world in which they live in. In doing this, we are inclined to search for answers, to find resolutions to our needs and problems. Decisions become important and the ability to use knowledge to make intelligent choices become essential…. View Article


The term postmodernism in the literal order has to follow modernism. But postmodernism cannot be defined thus straightway. The actual line of demarcation between them is difficult. Though postmodernism has come to dominate scholarly debates and discussions regarding the contemporary literature and culture since 1980s, it is unreasonable to think that all the literary stalwarts… View Article

Postmodernism and Multimedia

The premises of postmodernism include the spread of globalization, deviation from the “universal truth”, non-linearity and flexibility and that it can be closely associated with computer technology. These premises can be found and embodied in today’s multimedia. Multimedia itself can be considered a postmodern creation because of the nonlinearity in its creation, storage and distribution… View Article

Postmodernism in Graphic Design

I. Abstract Postmodern graphic design is one of the most prominently cited trends in the fields of advertisement and design from 1960s to 1990s. However, most critiques from modernist groups initially denied the existence of this trend. Through the different movements established during these years, such as Punk movement, pop culture movement and Dadaist arts,… View Article


The term modern refers to the period between 1650 and 1950s. There were two approaches that were developed within this period of time (Gergen, 2001). The first one was the act of knowing through senses known as empiricism and the second approach reason or logic (Horvath & Bedi 2002). Postmodernism is the period ranging from… View Article

The Impact of Postmodernism on Science

Postmodernism has completely changed our vision of science. Against traditional beliefs, science is no longer based on rationality, but turns out to be a complex structure of subjective hypotheses, assumptions, and theses. Postmodernism has separated scientific beliefs from reason, and has significantly narrowed the scope of scientific ideas, which can only be used within limited… View Article