Positive Essay Examples

Personal hygiene and provide positive role

Welcome to our private day nursery. The information in this booklet refers to the children within our setting who are 2-3years old, however some of the information may be common throughout the nursery. In the nursery we offer a pleasant friendly atmosphere, where children are happy and comfortable. We provide a positive environment which is safe,… View Article

Positive and negative

The book merits appreciation just for the variety of subjects it has dealt with. Approach to writing is well-studied and researched. Articles like Nine Decades, Nine Women, Ten Nobel Prizes, Gender Politics at the Apex of Science, set the reader thinking about the discrimination against women at the highest level. How systematic trampling on the… View Article

Positive Consequences

Ethnocentrism is the practice of judging other cultures in the context of one’s own culture. By using the standards of a certain culture to assess other cultures, ethnocentric people often make hasty and offensive generalizations about people whose cultural backgrounds differ from theirs. Racial stereotypes and the usage of scapegoats are two negative effects of… View Article

Positive and Negative Effects of Longer Living

According to population data obtained from many parts of the world, life expectancy is rising. People are living longer on the backdrop of improved health care, good nutrition and the eradication of poverty and other issues that have been in the forefront of undermining longer human life. Longer lives are characterized by a variety of… View Article

Creating Positive Outcomes

Owing to the great variety found among human beings, life is characterized by additions of quite different sorts. Considering non-drug types of addictions, many kinds exist in the contemporary world. For example, one could be addicted to watching certain TV programs, reading or watching pornographic material, watching football, eating certain foodstuffs such as chocolate or… View Article