Portugal Essay Examples

Mao Zedong

Mao Zedong took over the running of China from the GMD in 1949. The country was in an awful situation; it was weak, bankrupt and had little power. There were several reasons why the country was left in such a state. The Emperors who had ruled China for centuries had failed to modernise the country… View Article

Disaster Flooding in Madeira

In this article Portuguese environmentalists are now blaming the flash floods and mudslides that claimed at least 42 lives in February of 2010 on problematic urban flooding. One of the most awful natural disasters to occur in the history of this small mountainous Portuguese archipelago, which lies approximately 323 miles off the coast of Morocco… View Article

Time Talk and Walk

In his article “ Time Talk, with an Accent” Robert Levine discusses about culture shock when he lived in Brazil and understand Brazilian people’s habit about time. When he began his scientific journey in his early career as a professor of psychology at Federal University in Niteroi, Brazil and he found the hardest part of… View Article


1.0  Introduction This presentation provides an overview of geographical, historical and cultural aspects of the Portugal. This follows discusses on food patterns and food habits among the Portuguese, their typical meals and food etiquette, frequencies of dining and food taboos that do exist. Therapeutic effects of food eaten including wine and home or traditional remedies… View Article

Why Portugal was the First and the Last Colony

Portugal is one of the many European nations that colonized different parts of the world. Its colonies spread from Asia, Africa and Latin America. Colonization has been defined as domination of a territory by a foreign power where the dominating power subjects the subordinate nation to exploitation, denial of freedom and direct ruling. Colonizing power… View Article

Portuguese expansion and colonialism in the 16th century

It can be argued that if Europeans did not discover America, but instead discovered the ocean, it had a great impact. The discovery of the ocean certainly led to the discovery of new lands. The 15th Century was certainly a great time for European exploration. The location of European countries played a huge part as… View Article