Portfolio Essay Examples

The Woman In Black Portfolio

Arthur Kipps, a solicitor from London, decides to hire a profession actor to aid him in retelling a ghostly event that happened to him many years before and which lead to tragic circumstances to his family. In the cluttered, Victorian stage, Kipps begins to read his manuscript; slowly, awkwardly and somewhat un-interestingly at first, but… View Article

Optimal Portfolio

On the continued emphasis on the knowledge transfer process and not just whether it leads to value creation but how it occurs following a merger and how it leads to value creation. In addition, it was believed there is a need to focus more on the emergent nature of value creation following an acquisition and… View Article

Portfolio Editing

Recommendation and Trading Idea Beyond FRB Chairman Ben Bernanke’s and President Bush’s often positive remarks about the U.S. Economy, it is an undeniable fact that investors are currently wary of U.S. markets. As aforementioned, there are strong trends-based speculations about the further weakening of the US Dollar and the relative strength/appreciation of the Japanese Yen…. View Article

Portfolio Diversification

Portfolio theory refers to the notion that the return, as measured by variance, for a given risk could be maximized by efficiently diversifying portfolios (Tobin 1981). This theory takes into account the stocks involved, and their variances and covariances. These affect the risks faced by a stock portfolio. The value of portfolio diversification lies in… View Article

Portfolio Analysis

ABSTRACT This paper discusses the portfolio analysis. The paper includes a brief discussion on the meaning of the portfolio and why it is important for an investor to consider portfolio. It  also explains how an investor would select a particular asset to be a part of his portfolio. The limitations and disadvantages of having a… View Article

The Importance of Portfolio

Portfolio is identified as the living and changing collection of records of an individual that reflects all the accomplishment, skills, attributes, and experiences that he or she has (College of Charleston 1). In the professional field, most especially that in animation, portfolio is an important element in securing a job as an animator because it… View Article

Portfolio Selection

The modern theory of portfolio has clearly conceptualized the notion of optimal portfolio. According to this theory the investors always try to achieve the highest possible return from their investment in any asset or portfolio of assets while they want to minimize the associated risks. Actually the theory tells about the rational behavior of the… View Article

Best Works Portfolio

This process essay writing portfolio, (purpose, focus and part of format defined by teacher), will help to monitor students’ progress and determine their capabilities in the development of a five paragraph essay, as well as encourage students to self assess and reflect on their writing development over the term, both for its strengths and its… View Article

Advertising and Public Relations Portfolio

1.Write a report on experience with regards to approaching the organisation First contact was via telephone where I set up an interview time with Mr. Solly Khuthama. The contact was very positive and he was supportive and understanding with the need for this campaign. Once at the Tumelo Children’s Home, I met with Miss Mpho… View Article