Pornography Essay Examples

Arts and pornography

?No-one ever asks ‘When does art become realistic? ‘, or ‘When does art become abstract? ‘, or ‘When does art become literary? ‘, although questions like these make as much sense because art can be all or any of these things. This is because we can usually distinguish an abstract work from a realistic or… View Article

Pornography Should Be Free from Government Control

Whether one feels strongly about the viewing, making and distribution of pornography by consenting adults, one cannot argue that sex isn’t everywhere. Evident in videos, movies, pictures, and advertisements, it’s a fact that sex sells. Who is to say that because pornography can be viewed easily in many ways, that it’s not a bad thing?… View Article

Pornography Revised

Introduction            Pornography is a written material or pictures intended solely to cause sexual arousal. In the United States, many states and communities have laws declaring pornography obscene and hence illegal. However, varying opinions on what exactly constitutes pornography have made these laws difficult to enforce.             Many persons believe that pornography debases human sexuality…. View Article

Pornography and Sexual Violence

The class is social psychology. Please use proper headings, double spacing, 12 pt font, one-inch margins, page numbering, and logical flow from topic to topic. Citations may be from the Web, texts, books or scientific journals. Magazine and newspaper citations are generally unacceptable. Please be original with your own views. Being with a strong, creative,… View Article


The rising debate concerning pornography has stirred and separated societies in the way it promotes the concept of free speech while at the same time disregarding values and morals of a particular ideology. Such variation in the spectrum of interpretation has left the debate in a controversial and difficult position. In the end, it all… View Article

Child Pornography: Canada vs. Japan

“We think that child pornography, in any form, promotes values and sends the message that it is OK to sexually abuse children. It helps paedophiles to justify their ideas or behaviour and it desensitizes society as a whole.” ( 1995. John Carr, a United Kingdom government adviser. ) The classification of sexual exploration , the… View Article

Effects of Pornography on Men and their Relationship with Women

In recent times, sociologists and psychologists have joined religious and political groups in voicing their concern on the adverse effects of pornography. Their argument is that pornography is drastically changing traditional sexual tendencies and transforming sexual relationships. Their concerns are not without reason too. A study undertaken by ABC News has shockingly revealed that about… View Article

Pornography and US Law

In Catherine Mackinnon’s book “Only Words” she describes U. S law as a very strong indictment of a law system in conflict with itself. The book is divided and is a collection of three essays. The first one is a heavy and emotional criticism of pornography. The other two essays evaluate and compare pornography and… View Article

Pornography is not harmful to American Society

This essay will argue that pornography is not harmful to American society. However, there are some important reservations to be made: the acceptable form of pornography is legal adults engage in this activity with full consent. Obviously, there are some forms of exploitation that are harmful and dangerous, such as forcing subjects to take part… View Article

Pornography Addiction

When most people admit that they are addicted to pornography, it would most probably be internet pornography, although all other types of pornography may be valid too. The progress of pornography addiction is extremely high with access to Internet. This is because Internet provides a huge amount of unlimited pornography, with varying levels of graphic… View Article

Pornography as a Civil Rights Violation for Women

Pornography, popularly referred to as porn, refers to the sexually explicit sexual information that is disseminated for the consumption of the public. It can also be defined as materials in print or visual form that is intended to arouse sexual excitement (AskOxford. com. 2002). These materials can be in the form of visual materials, textual… View Article

Pornography on the internet and its effects to children

Children are to be considered as the hope of the tomorrow. They are the one who make our world beautiful and meaningful because of their innocence and simplicity. But are these facts still true nowadays? Or will it be just a “dream” for us now? Children’s characters, personalities and their totality as individual first develop… View Article

Pornography: A Closer Look

Pornography is the depiction of lewd and erotic acts with the intent to arouse the sexual interest of the audience. For some time, the term often referred to women wearing seductive clothes posing for magazines; however, Pornography now refers to a rapidly growing multibillion industry catering to both male and female viewers. It is not… View Article

Background of the Study About Pornography

The pornography industry’s profit has been estimated by some analysts at over $14 billion dollars in the U.S. and is growing at an alarming rate. More than 4 million Web sites worldwide show images of children being sexually exploited, according to the U.N. investigator’s report on the sale of children, child prostitution and child pornography…. View Article

Internet Child Porn

According to UNICEF, the United States and Somalia are the only two countries that have not yet ratified the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. However, Somalia currently has no legally recognized government and cannot ratify anything at all, leaving the United States as the only country that still does not agree… View Article