Population Essay Examples

Target Population

My Target population will vary from area to area, different people live in different areas. Some areas people of higher status and class will want high quality goods. Other areas rent could be lower so this could effect my choice of location as well. Also the time of year could effect my target population, during… View Article

Urbanization Case

Urbanization in the People’s Republic of China increased in speed following the initiation of the reform and opening policy. By the end of 2012, the mainland of the People’s Republic of China had a total urban population of 712 million or 52.6% of the total population, rising from 26% in 1990.[1] In the long term,… View Article

Increase in Population

In the High Middle Ages (1000-1300) Europe experienced a dramatic size in the number of its residents. By 1300, it is believed to have reached a population of about 100,000 million, in comparison to the EU’s total of 377,000 in 2000 . This contrasts with the tentative estimate of about 25-30 million in the times… View Article

Population Regulation for Environmental Conservation

In the past few years, the world’s population has been steadily rising. At present, global population growth rate is at 1.167% while world population as of July 2007 is approximately 6.6 billion (Central Intelligence Agency, 2007). Demographers predict that in the first decades of the 21st century, world population will bloat up to another 2… View Article

The Impact of Substance Abuse on the Adolescent Population

Introduction Understanding the scope of drug use and addiction in the world includes knowing the prevalence among various populations and researching the many health and social consequences. The United States is both the largest producer of drug research in the world and the world’s only “drug-control superpower.” The simultaneous leadership in social science and world… View Article

The Human Population

Abstract Why is it that there are countries today experiencing economic stability and unrelenting progress while, in contrast, there countries still experiencing poverty? These are questions that can be answered when look through and compare populations of different countries. There are stages that a population goes through over time and those have major effects on… View Article

The United States Population

Looking back at history, the population has increased and decreased naturally over and over again. Therefore, population size per se isn’t a problem to deal with. The problem being faced by countries nowadays, with the rapid effects of Globalization, is the current position in the Global arena. That way can we determine the sustainability of… View Article

Vulnerable Population

The vulnerable populations are people who are or may be in need of community care services because of their age, disability or illness and who are or may be unable to take good care of themselves or are unable to protect themselves from the significant exploitation or harm. Those who can be classified as vulnerable… View Article

Vulnerable Population

Children are one population group of the society that is vulnerable. The U. S. A agencies for Development, most vulnerable children are those who get inadequate support from adults due to abandonment, chronic illness i. e. those who have AIDS or those that are suspected to have it. Other causes of vulnerability emanate from the… View Article

Overpopulation destroying the environment

“The destruction of the natural world we see across the globe today is ‘fallout’ from the human population explosion that has occurred over the course of the last 50 years. The world is at a critical juncture. While birth rates have fallen in many countries and regions, demographic momentum means we are now adding a… View Article

Population Growth and the Arising Environmental Issues

Population is determined by the relationship of two factors. One being birth rate and the other is death rate. If the number of deaths is less than the number of births then the population is growing larger. In John Laffin’s novel The Hunger to Come data is present showing that the population will continue to… View Article

Phenomenon Of Grandparent Becoming Parent

FIGURE FOR GRANDCHILDREN             Since 1980, there have been dramatic increases in children living with and being cared for by their grandparents. In 1980, 2.3 million children were living in with their grandparents. By 1997, there were 3.9 million children living in that situation. The 2000 U. S. Census has reported 4.5 million children living… View Article

An aging population

Factors such as an aging population, technological advances, and the advent of managed care have indeed changed the way health care is being offered and is being perceived in the United States; for one, having an aging population means that the demand for nurses has increased.  Another impact is that of certain technological advances which… View Article

India’s Population Boon or Bane

Is India’s population boon or bane?? This is such a topic that has left everyone with a big question mark and indeed a debatable question with India holding over one billion people, i. e. , more than a sixth of the world’s population. The reason why people are perplexed to this question is because the… View Article

Poverty Population Revised

Believe it or not, more than a billion people worldwide subsists on less than one dollar per day.  At the same time, the world is expected to have another three billion people by 2050, a majority of which are going to come from the poorest areas (Merrick, 2002).             Do poverty cause population growth?  Or… View Article