Polonius Essay Examples

Why does Hamlet delay?

Is it possible to take reasonable, effective and purposeful action? In Hamlet, the question of how to act is affected not only by logical considerations, such as the need for certainty, but also by emotional, ethical, and psychological factors. This in turn affects how the revenge is carried out. If we view Hamlet as a… View Article

Polonius has sometimes been presented

There has been much debate amongst critics and directors alike on the depth of Polonius’s character, and his purpose in the play. There are those, such as critic Myron Taylor, who view him as a more sinister persona, arguing ‘his ineffectuality does not excuse his moral deviousness. Appearance has become his reality’, thus implying he… View Article

Discussing Hamlets speach with Polonius

“Farewell, Ophelia, and remember well What I have said to you. ” Line 88,Act 1 Sc 111. “Tis in my memory locked, And you yourself shall the keep the key of it. Line 90 Act 1 Sc 11. These were the last words Laertes and Ophelia exchanged before he left to France. It is when… View Article

Analysis of Hamlet Act II.2

Act 2, Scene 2 is an important scene for the audience’s impressions of Hamlet, as it is the first time we can see the “antic disposition” of which he has previously spoken. He enters the scene on page 50, and immediately enters into conversation with Polonius. We can see that the act of his madness… View Article

Claudius has been presented in the theatre as a worthy King

Claudius has been presented in the theatre as a worthy King and Polonius as an amiable and sensible father. What is your response to the ways in which Shakespeare presents one of these characters? It is hard to judge the character of Polonius in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, due to the fact Shakespeare presents many of the… View Article

Examine Shakespeare’s presentation of Ophelia

Throughout the play, Ophelia is treated as an inferior by the men in her life. She is instructed and also used by them to achieve their own selfish goals. As Rex Gibson states, Shakespearean women were ‘virtually helpless pawns in the power games of their main relatives. ‘ Her tone towards them is most often… View Article