Pollution Essay Examples

What the Number of Cars Will Be in the Future

With the development of society and improvement of economic conditions, more and more families have the ability to afford cars. But what the number of cars will be in the future? Is it safe to reach the conclusion that there will be fewer cars in use than there are today in 20 years? In my… View Article

Pollution and environment

Junk science is the term used to refer on political and legal disputes that brands an advocate’s claims about scientific data, research, analyses as spurious. It simply means manipulating data that is the result of an experiment (Agin, 2006). There are many reasons why there are people who are engage in junk science. They want… View Article

The Water Pollution

What can the government do as of now to resolve problems in pollutions, specifically water pollution? Considering the fact that health hazards poses the greatest threats to the people’s survival. On the other hand, how water pollution occurs is the first issue that has to be clarified. According to Hayes (2007), water pollution takes place… View Article

Water Pollution Plan

The Ocmulgee River runs from Lake Jackson and winds its way through thirty-three counties in Georgia before emptying into the Altamaha River. The river winds over 6, 180 square miles. Many towns can be found along the path of this river. Hawkinsville, Georgia is one of these towns. It is a city in the Pulaski… View Article

Automobile? The Main Source of Pollution?

Innovation and creativity, these are the very benchmarks that pave the way in producing new technology that governs the very lives of our future. But the question is, is it doing more harm than good to society? To verify the nature and essence of this query, I will be inquiring and delving into the world… View Article

Air Water Soil Noise Pollution

Pollution is the introduction of contaminants into an environment that causes instability, disorder, harm or discomfort to the ecosystem i. e. physical systems or living organisms. Pollution can take the form of chemical substances or energy, such as noise, heat, or light. Pollutants, the elements of pollution, can be foreign substances or energies, or naturally… View Article

Central and Eastern Europe Environmental Issues

Eastern Europe’s environmental problems are not as simple as they may seem on the surface. The environmental problems that face Eastern Europe are complicated by political, economic, and social implications. The current environmental problems are a bi-product of rapid industrial expansion under a socialist government. The soviet government was more concerned with surpassing the western… View Article

Sound Pollution

It focuses not on the cliched environmental problems such as Global warming, but on an issue that is quite exceptional in nature- Noise Pollution. Its name quite clearly outlines its aim and purpose of existence*- ‘Awaaz’ is a Hindi word that means- Voice. Sometimes, in everyday language, it is also used in reference to noise…. View Article

Operationalize Sustainability

“We must strive to become systems thinkers if we are to benefit from the interrelationships of the triple bottom line of sustainability: mission, environment, and community” (sustainability. army. mil). Welcome to the Army strategy for the environment. As one of the largest organizations in America, the Army has joined the movement towards sustainability. With 4… View Article

Pollution in cities

Pollution in the cities is a major concern to everyone in the modern world; this is because of the consequences that result from neglecting our environmental safety measures. The key areas according to the report in the `state of the environment in china 2003’,highlights the several forms of pollution that include traffic noise pollution, fresh… View Article

Pollution in China

Introduction China, with its rapid industrialisation seems to have paid its price by witnessing steeply rising levels of pollution. With millions of largely unregulated industries, the vast rivers, streams and lakes have become easy avenues for chemical, textile and tanning industries to discharge their toxic contents at will. The paper discusses the pollution in China,… View Article

Marine Pollution

Pollution of the world’s oceans is quickly becoming a major problem on Earth. We know very little about the effect that pollution has on the oceans, but we continue to dispose off chemicals, sewage and garbage into it at an unprecedented rate. Most people likely do not even know what types of pollutants reach the… View Article

Main Causes of Pollution in Urban and Rural Areas

Land pollution is a major global health concern, and occurs when humans fail to manage their waste appropriately and leave it to contaminate the land. Over time, land pollution degrades the quality of not only the land in an area where waste is present, but also the quality of things growing in that land. Land… View Article

Pollution Problem Affecting Hong Kong

Recently, a survey was conducted concerning about the development of Hong Kong and the related air pollution issues over the last twenty years. The survey investigated the Air Pollution Index (API) of different districts in Hong Kong, including Central, Mong Kok, Kowloon City, Tung Chung and Yuen Long. According to the result, API has been… View Article

Bluewater Case Study

* Was built on an old quarry – brownfield land. * Employs around 7000 people. * Good disabled access and a range of things to do for all people. * Bluewater makes sure it remains sustainable – it has high operational standards, water usage is measured and controlled, energy is reduced as much as possible,… View Article