Police Essay Examples

Police officer

Inspector Goole has an air of mystery around him from the start. Mr. Birling is on the bench and knows all the police officers but has never seen Inspector Goole. The Inspector tells him that he is new “Only recently transferred.” This makes us wonder, is it a coincidence that he has just started working… View Article

What are the staff positions in a typical police department?

1. What are the staff positions in a typical police department? Is there a difference between the terms “pyramidal structure” and “hierarchy”? Explain the difference between unity of command and chain of command. What is the purpose of law enforcement management? What is an informal organization? How could you reorganize to force decision making downward?… View Article

Kate’s children

It is a dark damp day; the rain is beating down on the corrugated iron of my four-roomed cottage on Condobolin Road. It is still early hours, however my husband William has already left to visit his parents Frederick and Mary on their property, as the wind and rain has brought down two of their… View Article

Police chief’s face

By this point the “voice-over” repeat of the chorus has finished. The camera begins to pan round then abruptly cuts to a shot of the police chief’s face; then a shot of the word “police”; and finally a shot of a scene of violence, death and destruction. Soon after the camera continues to pan but… View Article

The appeal of TV police drama

Discuss the appeal of TV police drama with particular reference to The Bill and In Deep ‘The Bill’, shown on ITV1 at around 8.00, and ‘In Deep’ shown on BBC1 at around 9.00, and after the news, are both police dramas. Therefore, they both are targeted to police drama fans. However, there are differences between… View Article

Homicide Investigation Techniques

Abstract Murder investigations are started when there is a suspicious death, there is precise steps that should be followed during a murder investigation. So that the case can be brought to court and prosecuted evidence is collected, suspects and witnesses are interviewed. The law enforcement personnel that participate in a murder investigation are individually trained… View Article

Game Wardens

1. Why do most game wardens decide to become game wardens? Most guys become game wardens because they like the outdoors and fish and wildlife in general. In my case, it ran in the family as your Grandad, Larry Glover, was a game warden. 2. What kind of things does a game warden do? Can… View Article

Impact the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry

Discuss the impact the Stephen Lawrence inquiry has had on the Criminal Justice System? This essay will screen through the changes made in major areas of Criminal Justice System after the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry Report published and attempts to address changes that have already implemented, the supposed and actual outcomes, and effectiveness of these changes… View Article

Study summary

The issue of “profiling” among in policing is not a new concern and considering the efforts devoted against the practice as well as other forms of discrimination, the evidence of its prevalence in the study of Alpert, MacDonald and Dunham (2005) is alarming. The researchers’ main objective was to determine if racial, situational and demographic… View Article

The Tempe Police Department

INTRODUCTION The Tempe police department is actively engaged in COP/POP or Community Oriented Policing/Problem Oriented Policing.  Tempe excels at presenting crime information to the community via the use of the internet.  The main problems facing the Tempe police department include how to track COP activities and problem solving techniques.  Recently, the IT functions of the… View Article

Why would I prefer to go to jail ?

Once, while traveling a co-passenger told me a real life event of a young Indian software professional, who believed very firmly in communism. This young Indian, while traveling in that communist country, happened to casually chat with his European co-passenger, and that chat included some criticism on functions of the Government of that country. At… View Article

The New Frontier Politics and Social Change

The decade of the 1960s is a link between the past and the future. The exciting images and events of the 1960s were traces and shadows of the previous two decades and at the same time served as the influences of the present. The same decade characterized the U.S. history with the emergence of new… View Article

Police Code of Ethics

Professions and associations of criminal justice have canons of professional reliability. The morally idyllic police scheme would be with integrity and nothing confusing regarding it (no deceitfulness or mischief); no discrimination and no disrepute for the restrictions of law or how it is imposed.  All that made privately would be just as if it’s made publicly…. View Article

The Reform Era of Policing (Foot Patrol vs. Automotive Patrol)

I. Introduction Police patrolling is very important in a certain community whether using an automobile patrol or simply by just foot patrolling. But of course there are advantages and disadvantages between these two in terms of keeping order in the community, responding in the crime or accident scenes, apprehending some criminals or violators.  What are… View Article

Police Application Process

The different steps in a typical police application process include the following: A written test. There are two written tests in the selection process: The first test is the Alberta Communication Test (ACT) and The Alberta Physical Readiness Evaluation for Police (A-PREP). There is a Screening Interview were the applicants is contacted by a File… View Article