Poetry Essay Examples

Belfast Confetti

The poem ‘Belfast Confetti illustrates the aftermath of a bomb during the troubles that people in Belfast experienced. The title ‘Belfast Confetti’ is a heading that has a dual meaning. On one had the homemade bombs that the IRA used are referred to as Belfast confetti due to the nuts and bolts they put in… View Article

The power of psychological time in poetry

Poetry is always connected to various time representations. Poets replace real time with different psychological visions and ideas of past or future events. We frequently find ourselves in a situation, when we cannot completely understand the time implications of a specific poem. Thomas Hardy and T. S. Eliot were well known for their poetic skills… View Article

Benjamin Franklins Poetry

This is a research paper which I shall analyze on the comparison of Benjamin Franklins thoughts and Ideals on remarks concerning the Savages of North America and The Way to Wealth. Benjamin Franklins (1706-1790) who was a renowned founder father of the United States, he participated in its development as a philosopher, scientist, publisher and… View Article

A Woman To Her Lover

Write a critical analysis of Christina Walsh’s poem ‘A Woman to Her Lover’. Compare and contrast the poem with others you have studied in the unit. Christina Walsh, a female poet, wrote the poem ‘A woman to her lover’ as a free verse. A free verse is a poem with an irregular stanza length, no… View Article

John Donne’s poetry

The imagery in John Donne’s poetry emphasizes the pleasure humans derive from sensual experiences. He uses intricately related comparisons to illustrate how the most basic acts are infinitely meaningful and vice versa. In fact, his use of metaphysical conceits, in Elegy 19: To His Mistress Going to Bed and several of his Holy Sonnets either… View Article

Toru Dutt, a phenomenal poet of Colonial India

The earliest Indian writers in English wrote at a time when there was no such category as ’Indian Writing in English’. Toru Dutt (1856-1877) was one such prodigy. A handful of English poems testify to her position at the source of this tradition that was not yet quite a tradition. At a time when Indian… View Article

How does human cruelty darken Browning’s poetry?

On the one hand, some people agree that the recurring theme of human acts of cruelty, such as murder and deceit, throughout his poetry instils a sense of darkness. An example that supports this is the joy and delight that the female narrator feels in ‘The Laboratory’- “invisible pleasures”, which gives an impression of uncontainable… View Article

Unknown Girl and Electricity Comes to Cocoa Bottom

Compare and contrast the presentation of the poets’ attitudes to progress in Unknown Girl and Electricity Comes to Cocoa Bottom. People have been thinking about what ‘progress’ means for hundreds of years. We normally associate it with positive impacts and things changing for the better, which the majority of the time is correct. Edward E… View Article

The Pros And Cons Of Fitting In

In the real world today, people from every background have faced the reality of social life and where they believe they would thrive the most. Although we think we are always right in any given situation, it never really turns out that way and encounters with fitting in and the decisions made to be included… View Article

Personal Response William Butler Yeats

“William Butler Yeats deals with an interesting variety of subjects and his poetry is full of powerful images and impressive descriptions. Discuss.” Submitted by Hollie McLaughlin. I very much enjoy reading the poetry of William Butler Yeats. What I like about the poetry is the multi-faceted man who emerges. In Inisfree he is the searching,… View Article

Sonnet 116,18 and 130 compared to “Much Ado About Nothing”

Moving on to the sonnets, Sonnet 116 was a classic example of a conventional true love sonnet written by Shakespeare in the 16th century time period. It is very traditional and emphasises how love doesn’t change so therefore is “ever-fixed”. Hence, the tone of the poet is very serious and matter of fact. The rhyme… View Article

Film “Run Lola Run”

“Cinema that interests me is cinema about opening, unresolved questions and experiments.”- Tom Tykwer. The film Run Lola Run by Tom Tykwer uses distinctively visual features to create a positive effect on an audience’s appreciation of the text. He uses these visual elements to explore three major themes: chance, love and gameplay. Re-occurring motifs, split… View Article

“Breathless” by Wilfred Noyce Florence Wong

“Breathless”, which was written by Wilfred Noyce at 21,200 feet, describes the emotional struggles and physical challenges the speaker experienced and overcame while climbing a mountain. And through it, Wilfred Noyce illustrates the theme of man versus nature as well as the correct attitude in achieving goals by emphasising the ambivalence of the speaker toward… View Article

Mock-heroic features of Pope’s “The Rape of the Lock”

Mock-epic, also known as mock-heroic poetry is a juxtaposition of trivial subject matter and grandeur epic style. From the fundamental point of view, mock-epic is nothing but the most popular neo-classical burlesque used as a double-edged satirical weapon. Batrachomyomachia, an anonymous parody, attributed to Homer, is most probably the earliest example of mock-epic genre. Alexander… View Article