Poetry Essay Examples

Argue and Persuade

I can see why some people may think that there is no benefit to be gained by analysing the poem Half-Past Two, as some may find it tedious and would rather enjoy the poem as it is. Yet, I firmly believe analysing a story/poem definitely does assist our understanding of a certain story/poem. In the… View Article

William Blake- ‘London’

William Blake’s ‘London’ is a criticism of the society in which he lived and the institutions such as the church which he disagreed with. Blake talks of London in the world of experience, where innocence has been corrupted by the richer upper class and the lower classes have been exploited. In the first stanza Blake… View Article

A comparison between Jean Rhys and Una Marson

Voyage into the Metropolis: Exile in the Works of Jean Rhys and Una Marson. In Jonathan Miller’s 1970 production of Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” the character of Caliban was cast as black, therefore reigniting the link between the Prospero/Caliban paradigm as the colonizer/colonized. It was not a new idea, indeed Shakespeare himself envisaged the play set… View Article

U A Fanthorpe writes powerfully about those who are most disempowered

I think U A Fanthorpe does write powerfully about people who she thinks are disempowered. She does this very subtly and cleverly. She always looks at things in two perspectives one is from a dominating person and the other from a weak person who she supports. She, like Shakespeare uses various techniques to convey sympathy… View Article

Compare and Contrast London by William Blake and Island Man by Grace Nichols

Compare and Contrast “London” by William Blake and “Island Man” by Grace Nichols. Consider How Each Poem Conveys Alternative Attitudes To Life And Society. Introduction The poem “London” written by William Blake (1757 – 1827) is a clever poem. Although we can appreciate it, and understand William Blake’s ideas, it was not understood or valued… View Article

UA Fanthorpe is a poet who dislikes modern life

UA Fanthorpe is a poet who dislikes modern life. Consider this, using examples from ‘Safe As Houses’. – Kate Graham In ‘A Major Road for Romney Marsh’, Fanthorpe’s view of modern life is easily identifiable. The poem is set out like an argument, the words on the right being the thoughts of developers, people who… View Article

Ursula Askham Fanthorpe

Ursula Askham Fanthorpe is a modern poet; she was born in 1929 in London. Many of U.A Fanthorpe’s poems are based on school life as this is the area where she had experienced most of her life being a university graduate and an English teacher, this would make it easier for her to use this… View Article