Poetry Essay Examples

War Poetry

Read Owen’s Dulce et Decorum est. & the Kings speech before Agincourt in Shakespeare’s Henry v. Compare how and why the two Writers manipulate their audience’s feelings about war. Dulce et Decorum est was written by Wilfred Owen during the time of world war one. The poem is known for its horrifying imagery and its… View Article

Poetry changed alongside wider society

We learn that Arnold can no longer draw comfort from the “sea of faith” or religion which encompassed him and like the “folds of a bright girdle furled. ” Instead, the coast and sea is an analogy for religious trend. Christianity is ebbing away because of scientific dispatch. This results is the “naked shingles of… View Article

The primary target of Tennysons poetry

“The primary target of Tennyson’s poetry is Victorian greed and materialism. ” How far do you agree with this view of Tennyson’s poetry? In your answer you should either refer to two or three poems in detail or range more widely through the whole selection. Tennyson throughout his poetry focuses on greed and materialism when… View Article

18th Century English Poetry

Eighteenth century poetry consisted of several types of literature including ode, elegy, epistle, verse tale, hymn, song ballad and epigram. This period is frowned upon by critics who compare the context of this era to that of another. They claim Eighteenth century poetry is considered frivolous because often times the content lacked a true essence… View Article

Poetry can bring to life experiences and ideas

Q. “Poetry can bring to life experiences and ideas which are otherwise difficult for us to understand what is your response to this view?” My personal response of poetry being the “subject and formulae”, for individuals helping them to understand complicated life matters, which are difficult for us to understand is shown by comparing the… View Article

The Magus by John Fowles – short summary

In The Magus, A brilliant novel written by John Fowles, Nicholas Urfe struggles between living in a world of fiction and learning the difficult lessons of reality. He is taken on a Journey that will lead him to understand why it is best to live in a world with imperfections instead of always rejecting it…. View Article

Pre 1914 Poetry William Blake

These poems ‘Holy Thursday (experience)’ and Holy Thursday (innocence) are set on Ascension Day in a service in St. Paul’s church. This was a special occasion for the orphans who came from London Charity Schools. The ‘Holy Thursday (innocence)’ poem can be interpreted in two different ways. The impression we get at first is that… View Article

A Day in the Life of Me

Welcome to the life of me, Jo Compton. There is nothing special about me I’m just a normal, mundane person but I thought I would introduce you into the real world. I am a man with no qualifications trying to be someone that I am not. I try not to blame my failure in this… View Article

The Art of Living in London – Henry Peacham

Henry Peachams intention in the book “The Art of Living in London (1642)” is to give straightforward, moral advice for people living in, or visiting London. Peachams best-known work however, is perhaps “The Complete Gentleman” of 1622, which was re-printed in 1626 and again in 1634. This book was designed to be a handbook and… View Article

William Blake Compare and Contrast ‘The Lamb and the Tyger’

How representative are these poems of Blake’s other work in ‘songs of innocence and experience’ This essay will analyse, compare and contrast two poems by William Blake, called ‘The Lamb’ and ‘the Tyger’. I will be looking at how Blake uses imagery, structure and form to create effects. I will then explore how representative the… View Article