Poetry Essay Examples

The Roman Catholic beliefs and teachings about the sacrament of marriage

“The bible teaches that marriage is scared and that God intended men and women to become one through marriage.” Genesis 2:21-24 In the eyes of Catholics, marriage is a sacrament. A sacrament is an outward sign of an inward and spiritual grace. When Catholics marry they believe that God ratifies their union. Jesus constantly reminded… View Article

“Letter to Daniel” by Fergal Keane

Task: “Non fiction is seldom objective. Often it sways your feelings or influences your thoughts.” By referring closely to a work of non-fiction, show how the writer does more than simply convey information. Often non fiction tries to convey emotion and thought rather than simply providing information in order to move the reader. A piece… View Article

Comparative Essay on Mid Term Break and Death of a Naturalist

Read the poem Mid Term Break in which Heaney writes about life and loss. Choose one other poem written by Heaney which also deals with these themes. Compare how the two poems deal with Heaney’s thoughts and feelings. In the poem “Mid Term Break” Heaney deals with his thoughts and feelings on life and loss…. View Article

What are the poet’s feelings about life and death?

In The Explosion, Philip Larkin portrays many ideas, about life and death, through telling the story of an explosion, and the surroundings, as well as their response. He portrays his ideas that there may possibly be an afterlife through the events in the church, and also that death is an event that affect everyone in… View Article

Write about the poem Famine Shadows

You should describe what the poet writes about and how he uses language to convey the speaker’s thoughts and feelings. The poem, “Famine Shadows,” by Robert Dunlop is a highly emotive poem that deals with the Irish famine of the 1800s. The poet uses imagery to capture the speaker’s thoughts and feelings throughout, especially the… View Article

Praise Song for my Mother by Grace Nichols Analysis

What are the poet’s feelings about family and how does she convey these ideas? Grace Nichols writes Praise Song for my mother as ode, or letter, as a celebration of her mother. Having moved from Guyana to the UK, the ‘ode’ is in a Caribbean style, praising her mother for all that she has done…. View Article

Analysis of Slough by John Betjemen

In Slough, Betjemen presents many ideas about his views on technological advancement. Most of these views are negative, and he comes off as being very cynical of the system, and also portrays a sort of violent hatred towards the industrialisation and rise of capitalism in Slough. However, he also seems to have some hope for… View Article

Looking at “The Withered Arm” by Thomas Hardy

Looking at “The Withered Arm” and at least two other short stories, comment on how Thomas Hardy uses the female characters to influence the reader’s response To prepare for this essay I have read a selection of Thomas Hardy’s short stories: “The Withered Arm”, “The Melancholy Hussar of the German Legion”, “The Distracted Preacher”, “Tony… View Article

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Look again at An Advancement of Learning by Heaney and An August Midnight by Hardy. With reference to the ways each poet uses language, compare and contrast what the speakers in the poems say about reactions to nature. Which poem do you prefer? An Advancement of Learning by Heaney and An August Midnight by Hardy… View Article

Comparing The Powerful Images of the Tyger and the War photographer

William Blake and Carol Ann Duffy both utilize powerful imagery to describe the “War Photographer” and “The Tyger”, making similar statements about them. In addition, both poems use vivid imagery associated with the theme of religion and war. The use of imagery by both poets emphasizes the parallelism between the “The Tyger” and the “War… View Article

Diverse Culture- Guleri and Veronica

Compare and contrast the female characters Veronica in ‘Veronica’ and Guleri in ‘A Stench of Kerosene’. In this essay both female characters in ‘Veronica’ and ‘A Stench of Kerosene’ will be examined for similarities and differences in their culture and traditions. When you read these two stories the three things that stand out is their… View Article

20th century poetry

We have been giving to 20th century poems to examine. They are “Evans” by R. S Thomas and “Death in Leamington” by Sir John Betjeman. Both poems are about death, but in two very different situations. I will examine the poem Evans first of all. Evans was written by a man called R. S Thomas…. View Article