Poetic Essay Examples

Appeal to the reader

    In the poem Tennyson uses rhyme to add to the atmosphere and aid the performance. Rhyme improves the reader’s recital of the poem because rhyme adds to the poem’s rhythm and means the performer can predict the flow. They flow can be predicted because the rhyme pattern is regular which means it is… View Article

A poetic form for philosophical contemplation

‘The Ode is used as a poetic form for philosophical contemplation. ’ Compare two odes by Keats in the light of this observation Ode on a Grecian Urn and Ode to a Nightingale were written in May 1819, a time in Keats’ life which he devoted entirely to poetry. Both of these poems contemplate the… View Article

Discuss Chaucers poetic methods

Discuss Chaucer’s poetic methods in presenting evil in the pardoner’s prologue and tale in the light of this comment. In Chaucer’s time, the nature of evil related to any committing of the 7 deadly sins, consisting of greed, pride, blasphemy, sloth, avarice, wrath, lust and envy. The pardoner’s prologue and tale is comprised of many of… View Article

Mutterings over the Crib of a Deaf Child

The poem is a work of classic poetic prowess. It paints a vivid picture of a world where there is no sound, yet that world is just as fluent in operation as the one with. The poem undertakes the difficulties a deaf child would face in the real world, in contemplation of which he would… View Article

Poetic form meter

Exploring how Allen Curnow portrays the search for inspiration in Continuum In the poem ‘Continuum’ by Allen Curnow, he tells us about his lack of inspiration. The theme of the poem revolves around poetic inspiration, and how he is unable to get inspiration. Allen Curnow uses a variety of stylistic devices to portray this. The… View Article

Fireworks poem

Fireworks – a device containing chemicals that create a splendid explosion when lighted. That’s the first definition that comes to mind when the word ‘fireworks’ is mentioned. However, in the dictionary, it states that there is also a figurative meaning for fireworks, which is ‘an outburst of anger or other emotions’. In Amy Lowell’s poem,… View Article