Poems Essay Examples

The tone of the poems

This phrase is an example of how the smaller things are often the best and I think that this is why Bennet used ‘young boys and girls’ instead of just soldiers. Another reason is, I think, the anger felt at the association of two such different things – the innocence of children and war. Bennet… View Article

Poems from different cultures

I am writing about a poem called ‘I Am Not That Woman’ which was written by an Asian poet called Kishwar Naheed. The poem is about how cruelly women were treated by men in the past and how they have become nowadays. It is time for them to ‘flower free’. Women are expressed as really special… View Article

The Haunter and The Phantom Horsewoman

‘When I could answer he did not say them: when I could let him know how I would like to join in his journeys seldom he wishes to go’. He writes from his wife’s point of view, and she says this. It is as though there are so many questions that he wanted to ask… View Article

The two worlds in the poems

The poems I am comparing are “presents from my aunts in Pakistan by Moniza Alvi”, “two scavengers in a truck, two beautiful people in a Mercedes by Lawerence Ferlinghetti and “nothing’s changed by Tatamkhulu Afrika”. All these three poems compare two different worlds. The poem by Moniza Alvi compares the Asian traditions and the western… View Article

The poems No Problem

The poems No Problem written by Benjamin Zephania and Half-Caste written by John Aguard illustrate strong feelings towards race. The poets are writing about their feelings towards their life. Looking at them we can empathise with them and their plight. Comparing them allows us to experience their pain. Looking at the way they were written… View Article

Difference between poems

Both poems are a response to other people’s idea of the poet’s cultural identities. The poems are written as though the poet is replying to some one directly. ‘Half-Cast’ is about a multi cultural person who is standing up against racism and against people look down upon them because of their ethnicity. John Agard is… View Article

Comparing Poems

Identity is different for every person, it is what separates us all and makes us unique. Identity can be split into many categories. In the poem ‘Nothing’s Changed’, segregation is used to show us the poets feelings whereas ‘Half-Caste’ is mainly focused on racial equality. Each of the poets structure their poems in ways that express… View Article

Comparing poems

In this essay I am going to compare the way the theme of racism is dealt with in the poems ‘Half caste’ and ‘nothings changed’. I will analyse the poems and then compare them. The things I will be comparing are the similarities and differences, the layout and also the use of language. I will… View Article

Analysing And Contrasting Two Poems

The poet has described the sound of the whistle as a melody, which gives us the impression of a sound, which is very popular to the workers and a part of their daily routines. “The melody men & women built lives around”. This gives us an image of the workers being very unhappy with their… View Article

The poems of Seamus Heaney and D.H.Lawrence

The poets Seamus Heaney and D. H. Lawrence frequently describe their own childhood memories in their poems. ‘Mid-Term Break’ and ‘The Early Purges’ by Heaney, both show great examples of the way Heaney felt about many things, like death and relationships, as do the poems ‘Piano’ and ‘Discord in Childhood’ by D. H. Lawrence. Lawrence… View Article

Violence and Crime

In the last sentence, the immense power of the darkness is revealed when MacCaig points out that “no stockades can keep the midnight out. ” The darkness seems so immensely powerful and lethal because stockades are barriers make to stop anything that comes against it. So if we can’t keep the darkness away from NY,… View Article

The three poems in Section

Compare the three poems in Section I, Childhood, and explain how clearly you think they illustrate some of the problems of being a child. The poems ‘Half-past two’, ‘Piano’ and ‘My parents kept me away from Children who were Rough’ are all about the theme childhood. Of the three, ‘My parents kept me away from… View Article

The three poems

The manipulation of dialogue within a text can impact greatly on the audiences’ perception of character and situation. The module ‘Experience through language’ has revealed the way in which dialogue can be used to portray characters and situations in a variety of contexts. The three poems ‘Enter without so much as knocking’, ‘Weapons training’ and… View Article

Emma Gifford Poems

Hardy shows a various amount of thoughts, feelings and concerns throughout the ‘Veteris Vestigia Frammae’ section of his poems. These emotions always differ depending on the memory he is recalling to the place where it took place and even general differences between the way he feels about his late wife, Emma. To start with in the… View Article