Plot Essay Examples

Character and plot

Discuss the ways in which Arthur Miller uses the characters of Alfieri to highlight cultural differences and to develop the audience’s understanding of theme, character and plot. Arthur Millers ‘A View from The Bridge’ uses a character called Alfieri to introduce characters, the plot and theme of the story. Alfieri is an Italian American meaning… View Article

Trial By the Mirror

“Underneath the shadows of the other side of time If there is a hell then there must be a behind” -Insane Clown Posse, “Echo Side”             She is led into the room by two strong men, plump and middle age. The dark blonde hair quivers as she sobs. Her legs tremble and give way, and… View Article

The Last Unicorn And Song of Kali

Plot Summaries The Last Unicorn The Last Unicorn’ begins in a lilac wood where two hunters discuss the disappearance of unicorns from the world. One of them is convinced of the existence of a unicorn, because the forest they stand in has magical powers. He calls out to the unicorn to protect herself, as she… View Article

The Knight and the Prologue of the Canterbury Tales

The Prologue in Chaucer’s CANTERBURY TALES is unique in the manner in which it introduces its unique cast of characters. Lines 43 to 80 are among the more interesting parts of the Prologue. Lines 43 – 44 The tale starts with the Knight and he was a worthy man Lines 45 – 46 From his… View Article

The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe Analysis

Applying the six Aristotle elements of a play or drama into the movie “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, the following points were observed: A. Plot             It’s World War II and children need to move away from London to escape the war. As a result, the four Pevensie children, namely Lucy, Edmund, Susan,… View Article

The Spook Who Sat By the Door

The Spook Who Sat By the Door considers the fundamental issues regarding the American Civil Right movements and also questions the black militancy against the non-violence principles of their leaders. It further reflects dreams of the Black community despite the harsh realities of Afro-American life. Another important aspect of the novel is that it creates… View Article

Across the Vast Dragon Realm

Narrator: It was a humid day in Eternia, a serene kingdom near the Leonad Mountains where people of different strata peacefully live and work. Here reside common people, laboring at the field. Some townspeople were merchants, selling all that people use and want; from salts and pepper to priceless porcelain vase and platters. The few… View Article

The plot of Vanity Fair

The plot of Vanity Fair details the life and coming of age of the main character Rebecca Sharp, whose fortunes fluctuate between the extremes of poverty and wealth. She begins the story a girl and is transformed into a woman who realizes that the harshness of the world into which she was born is one… View Article

Group Dynamics in 12 Angry Men

The 1957 Sidney Lumet directed classic 12 Angry Men, the film adaptation of a stage drama from a few years prior, is centered logistically and physically around an uncomfortably diverse set of men with a common goal of achieving a jury verdict in a murder trial.  Representing the greatest of organizational challenges, the plot forces… View Article

Les Miserables

Les Miserables (the title is the same in French and English) is the most well-known of Victor Hugo’s novels. It describes the miserable life of French workers, and especially their children. Hugo calls for social action to improve the unfortunate poor’s lives. This excerpt describes the character Marius, and how he has worked very hard… View Article

Foundation by Isaac Asimov

Foundation is the first novel in Isaac Asimov’s Foundation Trilogy (later expanded into The Foundation Series). Foundation is a collection of five short stories, which were first published together as a book by Gnome Press in 1951 which, together, form a single plot. Foundation saw multiple publications—it also appeared in 1955 as part of Ace… View Article

The Blind Side Belonging

The blind side follows the story of Michael Oher, a boy from, ‘Hurt Village’ in the lower side of Memphis, who lives a life of poverty until he is taken care of and then adopted by the Tuoheys, a rich family who own a chain of Taco Bells. They help him improve his grades and… View Article

Work for The Skating Party

1.Find and explain one example each of both verbal and situational irony: follow the four-step quotation-using method exactly for each, using one quotation for each of these two kinds of irony. Your “step four: explain further” step for each will explain what each example of irony does for the story (what response is seen in… View Article

Dream of the Red Chamber

In the first chapter, the author first writes about the origin of the stone. Then it comes to the very end of the story and writes a conversation between the stone and the Taoist called Vanitas. Next, it starts to talk about the story which first starts with the decline of Shi-yin Zhen`s family. When… View Article