Pleading Essay Examples

Hamburger – Fast food

We’ve all heard it, whether it be through a friend, the news, or in the newspaper. Lawsuits being filed against McDonald’s for the cause of obesity in the accuser or their family. In August 2002 two different parents of two different girls both living in the Bronx sued McDonald’s for the obesity of each individual… View Article

Introduction to Duty of Care in Health

1.1 Duty of care is your responsibilities and legal obligations of an individual or organisation. We must adhere to a standard of reasonable care in our work role. 1.2 The duty of care affects my work role as it is a requirement that I am aware of the policies and procedures in place within my… View Article

Regulatory requirements

Explain how you identify the regulatory requirements, codes of practice and relevant guidance for managing concerns and complaints in own area of work The complaints policy for Enfield Connect Mental Health Floating Team – One Support outlines the following aims: To resolve concerns / complaints as quickly and effectively as possible, through an informal response… View Article

Supervision Notes

A1. A duty of care effectively means that as a carer it is our job to always act in the best interests of those individuals that we provide care for. This not only includes treating them how they like to be treated but also protecting them from harm, even if that’s from themselves. As long… View Article

Carol and Gary Allen

Basic Facts of the Case: The plaintiffs, Carol and Gary allege that on September 13, 1998, Carol Allen was injured while participating in a recreational softball game, while she was running to first base. She was hit in the head by the shortstop of the opposing team. This game was an adult and slow pitch… View Article

Western Agencies Ltd

Western Agencies Ltd. is a manufacturers’ agent representing several men’s manufacturers in Western Canada and Pacific Northwest of the United States. Jack Arthurs is an employee who was assigned several large accounts and later acquired nearly 1/3 of the company’s non-voting stock. Jack Arthurs was considered the “number 1 man” under the previous president and… View Article

Optional Unit Questions

1. Learning Outcomes 1.1 and 1.2 a)Identify the regulatory requirements, codes of practice and relevant guidance for managing concerns and complaints in your area of work. b)Analyse how each one affects service provision. The Local Authority. Social Services and National Service Complaints (England) amendment Regulations 2009. came into effect in April 2009. The regulations created… View Article

Teddy’s Supplies’ CEO

Mr. Moore it is in my firm opinion that you settle this case so your company can move on and not be impacted on this matter any longer. I feel the longer this plays out the longer your company could suffer financially and publicly. You need to get in front of this and have the… View Article

How to respond to complaints

Always follow the settings procedure policy when dealing with complaints. Complaints may be telephoned in, emailed or in person and there will be a different protocol and timescale to follow. When dealing with a complaint face to face keep calm and listen. The person complaining may be angry and I need to stay calm ensure… View Article

Cause of action assignment

Task A (1) ‘Duty of care’ means to exercise a degree of attention and caution to avoid negligence which would lead to harm. Duty of care in a childcare setting is keeping children and young people safe, protecting them not only from physical harm but also emotional and sexual harm. Working with children and young… View Article