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Plato Essay Examples

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Compare and Contrast Plato and Decsartes

Descartes and Plato are two of the most influential thinkers within philosophy. The allegory of the cave and systematic doubt are also two of the most famous concepts within philosophy. Plato at the time of writing the cave allegory was trying to resist the growing influence of the Sophist philosophers who prioritised semantics and rhetoric…

Virtue Ethics

Virtue ethics belongs to the branch of philosophy called ethics. Virtue ethics is also a sub branch of normative ethics and it contrasts with disteleology because normative ethics is more concerned about characteristics of a person rather than the moral duties and laws they must abide, so Natural Moral Law, Kantian ethics and Divine Command…

Plato vs. St. Augustine of Hippo

Our world has developed and flourished by the thoughts and contributions of many leaders. Among those leaders were Saint Augustine and Pluto. For many historians, Plato’s Allegory of the Cave and Augustine’s The City of God, are historical pieces that point out what had happened during ancient times. These pieces are significant because they shed…



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What did it mean for a man in Ancient Greece to lead a good life

In Ancient Greece, leading a good life is rather more complex than it is in today’s society. It is evidenced in Plato’s four dialogs in The Trial and Death of Socrates. Through the dialogues of Socrates we can learn that in Ancient Greece education, religion, society in general, law and values played a major role…

Platos theory of justice

Finding these two phrases, however, is hardly enough to get a clear sense of what justice is. Plato offers two main analogies to examine the definition of justice. The division of parts in the soul as well as the parts of the state; We would now examine the structure of the soul. The soul is…

Plato’s View of Justice in the Republic

Having lived an extraordinarily long life (for his time), with no consistent doctrine of belief, it has become customary to divide Plato’s writings chronologically into three periods, Early, Middle and Late. The Republic, a collection of ten books, is thought to have been written after Phaedo during the ‘middle-period’ of Plato’s life. It is during…

Crito and The Republic: Justice according to Plato

It is hard to imagine the Western world without the influence of the Greeks. It is fair to say that if not without Greek culture and the contributions of Greek philosophers like Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle, the Western hemisphere would still be ruled by barbarians. The ideas coming from the lips and pens of the…

What Is Knowledge from the Meno

The opinions which we believe and are right, are called “true opinions”. According to Plato’s dialogue from The Meno, when true opinions remain stable they can serve equally as well as knowledge until people forget their opinion or change their mind some time later. Knowledge is “tied down” by giving the reasons why it is…

Plato, Love and Philosophy

Love, in its narrowest and widest meaning and discussion became the most central element of one of the most discussed and merited dialogue of Plato, the Symposium. In the said dialogue, the characters including Phaedrus, Aristhopanes, Agathon, Eryximachus, Alicibiades and Aristodemus together with Socrates had expressed their judgment, analysis and opinions on the nature of…

Socratic dialogue

1. Meno is among the Socratic dialogues that were inscribed by Plato early in the Fourth Century B. C in Greece. Plato wrote the article in an attempt to determine the befitting definition of virtue as he understood it. He wanted to come with a common meaning of virtue which applied evenly to every particular…

Plato and Gettier on Knowledge

Plato in one of his most famous earliest dialogue Meno tried to provide a new way of explaining how we humans ‘acquire’ knowledge. The common notion of the ancient Greeks and even to our times on how we acquire knowledge is the characteristic of knowledge to be taught and learned. Knowledge in a sense is…

Republic Plato

A noble lie is necessary for smooth and peaceful governance. In Republic, Plato offers a wide account that seeks to justify the use of lies among the societal elite. Using the example of a stratified society that is made up of rulers, auxiliaries, and farmers, Plato emphasizes that a society needs these clear strata for…

Human Nature and the Goodness of a Person in Plato’s Republic I

Hailed as Plato’s greatest masterpiece, the Republic is considered one of the best guides of ethics and politics not only in a5th century Greece but in modern and contemporary times. Just like in the Dialogues, throughout all the sections or books of the Republic, the main character is Plato’s mentor, Socrates, whose conversations with prominent…

Plato’s The Symposium

Plato’s Symposium is a philosophical tome written by him. The book details the various intricacies of love including its nature and its place in society, its very purpose. They speak of love through details given of the God known as Eros. Eros or Aros in Greek mythology was considered the God of lust, beauty, love…

Athen vs Rome

“Human behavior flows from three main sources: desire, emotion, and knowledge” (Plato). Such a great philosopher like Plato, he strives to educate the people of Athens on behalf of Socrates. With the passion of various ideas on philosophy and political science, Plato pushes through his learning to teach our people. The former philosopher Socrates, Plato…

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