Plagiarism Case Essay

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Plagiarism Case

What are the three or more best practices you learned about using the Internet for academic purposes? How do you think you might use them?

People around the world are becoming more aware of the advantages of technology. Now you can earn a degree from the convenience of your home. You do not need to sit in the school library for hours to do your research homework. The internet allows you to find the information faster, but it is not always reliable information, that`s why you need to use free plagiarism checker with a percentage. One, be focused on your assignments and the information you are reading. You may find discrepancies by using (dot com ) sites like Wikipedia and many other unreliable sites. Two, use only academic sites like the university library or sites that show in your URL as (dot edu). The information is reliable; it cites sources and has precise information for the use of students. It is available seven days a week, twenty four hours a day. Three, check related search engines as you can obtain valuable information to add to your assignment.

How can you determine if the information on a website is reputable and worthwhile for a research paper?

I mainly use the UOP library. The information I gather in the library is worthwhile to share in my assignments as well as the information in my local library site that should be under (dot edu or dot gov). I use discretion while using information from (dot gov) sites. They belong to a government identity and some of the information could contain political views and may need more research. Avoid using information that has (tildes) as it means that an individual has posted information to the site and the information may be compromised by that individual’s opinion.

Reputable sites will share quotes, cite the author, the year, the book, or even the article where it was cited. Some sites will even show dated comments, links with more information, and some may even cite contact information such as your local library. Sites like yahoo search, Bing search, use (dot com) and offer a large list of sites to look at, but much of the information on these sites are not verified and may just be an individual’s opinion. When visiting a site not related to UOP I find these tips to be very useful: “8 ways of checking information on a Website

1. Is it clear who has written the information?
2. Are the aims of the site clear?
3. Does the site achieve it’s aims?
4. Is the site relevant to me?
5. Can the information be checked?
6. When was the site produced?
7. Is the information biased in any way?
8. Does the site tell you about choices that are open to you?” Atlantic Coast High School
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