Pip Essay Examples

Magwitch and screams

The opening pages of a book and the opening scenes of a film are the same in one way: they should make the reader or viewer want to carry on with the book or film. In this essay, my intent will be to compare two film adaptations of the book, Great Expectations. Great Expectations is… View Article

Pip grows

Pip grows up as a blacksmiths assistant yet he had always truly wanted to be a ‘gentleman’. He is stunned when he receives a copious amount of money from an unknown source. Pip quickly jumps to the assumption that his new found wealth had been provided by Miss Havisham. He goes to thank her and… View Article

Charles Dickens

Great Expectations, written by Charles Dickens, is one of the most popular classics of our time. Dickens novel was, some may say the work of a genius. The tale is of a boy who starts from humble beginnings and whom the story follows through to young adulthood each entering a new experience for the boy…. View Article

Pip’s conversation with Biddy

Pip’s change whilst being in London, has meant he sees wealth as everything. “If I could have kept him away by paying money, I certainly would have paid money.” Showing that firstly, he’d do anything to stop Joe’s visit, and also he can buy anything, and that money can solve anything. Pip feels embarrassed, he doesn’t… View Article

Great Expectations

Pip’s Loss Of Innocence In The First Section Of Great Expectations I think that Pip’s loss of innocence in Great Expectations starts at a young age and grows more and more noticeable throughout the book. It starts from the second chapter when he is forced into the crime of stealing a pork pie and some… View Article

The Victorian period

TASK: Pip changes a lot during his time in London. As we read the second stage of the novel, we do not like what we see of Pip because he becomes more and more of a snob. Do you agree with this opinion? The hero of ‘Great Expectations’ is Pip and throughout the novel, our… View Article

Measure of Contentment

Down to that moment I had vainly supposed that my creditor had withdrawn or suspended proceedings until I should be quite recovered. I had never dreamed of Joe’s having paid the money; but Joe had paid it, and the receipt was in his name. What remained of me now, but to follow him to the… View Article