Piano Essay Examples

Original Writing

I am the princess awaiting rescue in the quiet corner of the ballroom. I stand silently gathering dust in the shadows, grinning with gapped black and white teeth. The pungent odour of rising damp impregnates the air. Lonely and deserted by the warm affectionate hands I once knew and loved, shudders trace the length of… View Article

Evolution of the Piano

One of the more popular musical instruments is the piano. In Youtube alone, a popular video sharing website, type ‘piano’ in the search box and result will show 574,000 uploaded videos. From the modern grand piano that people are grown accustomed to, it is interesting to find that piano began its journey from three things:… View Article

Pearl River Global Strategies

Our Pride in the Pearl River PianoPearl River Piano Group Co. , Ltd. , a musical instrument manufacturer with more than 50 years history, is the largest piano manufacturer in the world. Throughout its history, it has been designing, building and continuously perfecting fine pianos. Pearl River is the best selling piano brand in China… View Article

Wilson’s The Piano

The two plays in this discussion represent significant historical events in American history, as well as expose human struggles and emotions that accompany these situations. August Wilson’s The Piano Lesson and Tennessee Williams’ A Streetcar Named Desire were written and staged within fifty years of each other, but each aims to showcase the prevalent concerns… View Article