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Physician Essay Examples

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Chapter 5 1. Describe how we measure the clinical performance of an HCO as a whole? For example, can you aggregate good performance in cardiology and poor performance in obstetrics, and say “overall, performance is average”? It depends on how measurement is being done. If a scorecard is used, yes the performance could be aggregated….

Reflective Writing on History Taking

The first lecture on history taking that I had attended was conducted by Dr Yambao. It was an introductory lecture in understanding the basis of taking history from the patients and the effective skills on how to come out with a complete history of patients in order to identify one’s disease. It was an interesting…

Ohm’s law & resistors in parallel & in series

Objectives: Our object is to confirm Ohm’s law by analyzing the dependence of the electrical current as a function of voltage and as a function of resistance. Also, we studied the current flow and voltage in series and parallel. Finally, the lab determined the equivalence resistance of series and parallel combination of resistors and compared…



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Kinematics analysis of data

From the data we gathered on this experiment, the effects of the height of the track can greatly affect the acceleration of the cart. Base on the data on the table, the higher the height of the track will have higher acceleration and will lead to higher sinθ. From this, it implies that the higher…

Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

Response to Prompt 1 In the novel Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, Henrietta had cells removed from a tumor on her cervix without her knowledge or consent. Henrietta’s family also had no idea that the cells were being removed or the advances they would soon make in medical research. What the doctors and researchers did…

Professional Regulation and Criminal Liability Paper

The principle of the Hippocratic Oath is one of the oldest binding documents in history. The oath states: I will use those dietary regimens which will benefit my patients according to my greatest ability and judgment, and I will do no harm or injustice to them. I will not give a lethal drug to anyone…

Determinants Study

Introduction “To Be on not to Be, that is the question,” a famous quote from Shakespeare poem Hamlet. My niece is interested in attending medical school and has solicited my professional opinion on whether it would be economical feasible for her to attend medical school and if so, the best location to practice medicine. There…

Reflection to Patch Adams

Patch Adams is a very touching, sad yet inspiring story where you can learn a lot of lessons. It is a story about Hunter Adams who committed himself to an asylum for being suicidal. While in the asylum, he discovered his desire to help, understand and connect with people. After leaving the institution, he enrolls…

Nursing Informatics

On the inpatient units we frequently give continuous heparin dosing. Upon the initial order received from the doctor they order a starting dose rate. The registered nurse is expected to pull up in the patient’s electronic record under orders the protocol that provides guidelines for RN’s to adjust the rate according to the patient’s heparin…

Effective Financial Policies and Procedures

Medical practices establish financial policies and procedures to control patient billing and the ability to collect money for services they provide. Successful billing practices start with thorough financial policies and procedures which explain patients’ payment responsibilities in terms that are easily understood. An effective medical office financial policy is one that both staff members and…

Crescordia Company

Complication: Crescordia is at a crossroads, trying to decide whether or not to adopt the disposable fixation device. This question has come about due to their market share erosion, as the company currently does not offer a resorbable product line. Innostat offers a resorbable product (albeit, in the early stages of development) and gaining market…

Pediatricians Qualification

Education and Qualification Most medical schools require applicants to have a minimum of two to three years of university education. After graduating from medical school, a doctor who wishes to become a pediatrician must complete at least three years of special training in health care for children, also known as residency program (work experience). The…

Should marijuana be a medical option?

This debate has been going on for over 4743 years. The first dated use of marijuana was in 2737 BC when the emperor of China, Shen-Nung, prescribes cannabis for beri-beri, constipation, ‘female weakness,’ gout, malaria, rheumatism and absentmindedness. One of the most interesting factors in this pro and con debate is that until the late…

Physician Assisted Suicide

According to the opposing viewpoints database “Assisted suicide occurs when a physician provides a patient with the means of ending his or her life-usually a prescription for a fatal dose of drugs. The patient takes the drugs independently of the doctor.” Assisted Suicide (also known as physician assisted suicide) has been an issue that is…

My Dream Job

Since I was a little girl , I have dreamed of becoming a filght attendant in order to travel around the world. But everything has changed since I took part in raising funds for cancer ‘s patients at Oncology Hospital of Ho Chi Minh City. From that point , I decide to beome a doctor…

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