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Phrynosomatidae Skip Essay

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Phrynosomatidae Skip

The desert is not the easiest location for an animal to live. Yet again there are some critters that have the adaptations that make it was easier to live in dessert areas. In Nevada the deserts are hot during the day but extremely cold at night. It hardly rains but when it does, it is a long rain that allows animals to survive. Phrynosomatidae Skip,common name Skip, is a critter that is one of the few animals that has a long nose and a long belly. Both of those adaptations allow Phrynosomatidae Skip not to dehydrate.

The nose is flexible and allows Skip to reach and suck up water from places and holes not other animals could. The long belly stores all the water for Skip so it won’t run out of water while it waits for rain season to come. The long nose also has a instinctual function, once it smells an animal it does not recognize SKIP automatically does not move. Originally, Skip is a light purple. Years ago Phrynosomatidae’s were a dark purple, which made it harder for them to survive because with all the light from the sun the dark purple would absorb a lot of light and heat and would die from the heat. A few Phrynosomatidaes were born a a lighter shade of purple and they survived longer than the dark colored SKIPS.

After a while, all there was left were the lighter shaded purple Phrynosomatidaes because the dark purple Phrynosomatidaes would die and the only that would reproduce would be the light purple. When the long nose smells other animals, not only dose Skip stay still but it changes to a brown color. The changing from light purple to brown allows Skip to blend into the ground. It is there instinct behavior. Skip has six legs total, three on each side to run fast to avoid he heat since Skip sleeps during the day and comes out at night. Skip has scales as skin to make it easier to retain water. Skip is able to barrel into soil where the scales soaks up the water that was held in the soil. Skip is closley smiliar to lizards.

Skip is in the Animalia kingdom, Chordata phylum, Reptilia class, Squamata order, Phrynosomatidae family, Phrynosomatidae genus, and the Phrynosoma Species as a cornutum. Skip eats ants, spiders, grasshoppers, snails, plants and is eaten by snakes, birds, foxs, coyotes, and other lizards.

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