Photosynthesis Essay Examples

The aim of my experiment

Evaluation Although I feel that my experiment was sound overall, I thought there were many points at which the accuracy was not perfect. As I have already stated, my preliminary experiment was not accurate enough to justify being used as my main experiment, mostly due to the fact that I was relying on all the… View Article

Calvin Cycle

The Calvin Cycle is basically a part of photosynthesis where plants take in carbon dioxide and uses ATP and NADPH to make sugars from the CO2 and water for the plant to use or for animals to eat. It does not require light, and is interestingly called the “dark cycle” 1.The first step of this… View Article

Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration

1. Organisms that use photosynthesis to produce glucose are collectively called photoautotrophs; three specific examples of such organisms are Rhodospirillum rubrum, Chromatium okenii, and Chlorobium limicola (Sengbusch, 2003). 2. Obligate aerobes are organisms that exclusively utilize aerobic cellular respiration; examples of such organisms are Bacillus, Pseudomonas, and Nocardia (Schlegel, 2003). 3. Unlike in aerobic cellular… View Article

Research: Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide

I walk into my first period class at 9:29 right before the 9:30 bell rings for class to begin. My science teacher, Mr. Sherman, has to make an announcement to the class. He says, “I am assigning a five paragraph essay due at the end of the week about photosynthesis and cellular respiration. ” I… View Article

Enzyme activities

The term “photosynthesis” is so called because it synthetic process driven by light. Many studies have been carried on the light spectrum quality, intensity, wavelength and their combinations thereof on the rates of photosynthesis. Different importances have been attributed to different factors. But light and carbon dioxide are the most important paramers for active photosynthesis…. View Article

Marine Science Review Guide

Know that the 3 adaptations that allow phytoplankton to float are: cavities in the center of their cells, cells contain oils and fats, and spines around the cavities Are phytoplankton the base of the oceanic food chain? What things do phytoplankton need to survive? What percentage of the Earth’s oxygen are phytoplankton responsible for producing?… View Article