Phobia Essay Examples

Phobic conditions

1. Statement of Research Question: What leads to phobic behaviors of phobic conditions? Phobia is a condition created in your mind on account of apprehensive situations or objects. 2. Brief Statement of significance/relevance of question. As the victim of phobia, you are not your normal self. You keep two steps backward, when you think that… View Article


A phobia is a common word to describe an unhealthy condition in which people experience abnormal fear of certain things or phenomena and demonstrate irrational behavior. The standard medical definition of phobia defines it as “early always, excessive fear of some particular type of object or situation; fear that is persistent and without sound grounds,… View Article

Monophobia: Fear and Taught Stranger Danger

“Do I really have to come to the bathroom with you? ” I never understood why a grown woman would ask me to go to the bathroom with her, but if it made her feel safe I would. Loren will never feel secure unless she is with another person. Monophobia is a fear many people… View Article

Clown Phobia

Coulrophobia also know as clown phobia is very common in children. The University of Sheffield conducted a study in 2008 and concluded that a lot children did not like clown decorations in physicians’ office settings or hospitals. The researchers questioned more than 250 kids ages between four to 16 on what they thought about the… View Article

Learning experience paper acrophobia

Have you ever been on top of a large building and were too afraid to look over the side? Have you ever climbed a really tall tree and were too afraid to climb down? I have, when I was younger I climbed a really tall tree and when I got to the top I looked… View Article

Classical conditioning/ systematic desensitization essay

“Use classical conditioning principles to explain the development of phobias, and describe how systematic desensitization can be used to overcome fears and phobias. Illustrate with examples.” This essay explores the practices of classical conditioning and systematic desensitization in relation to phobias and fears. John Watson proposed that the process of classical conditioning was able to… View Article