Philips Essay Examples

Philips Electronics Singapore

Manufacturing of common everyday utilities that span from household appliances, business equipment, and industry machineries require massive labor force that may span from a few hundreds to several thousands. This type of organization would typically have a wide operational staff base as there is the need to deal with production of goods. This is followed… View Article

Philips Maps Out a New Direction – Case Analysis

Philips, the electronics manufacturer, has developed a plan to increase profits, shareholder value, and market positioning by 2010. The first step in the process is CEO Gerard Kleisterlee. Upon taking the top position, Kleisterlee was able to affect an immediate 4% rise in share prices by simply announcing the marketing make over plan. He believes… View Article

Philips Versus Matsushita: the Competitive Battle Continues

1. How did Philips become the leading consumer electronics company in the world in the post-war era? What distinctive competence did they build? What distinctive incompetencies? Philips became the leading consumer electronics in the world in the post-war period by a strong investment in research and development of their independent national organizations, and good communication… View Article

3 Best Consumer Products

There, without a doubt, have been amny amazing inventions throughout the past century. As a frequent user of many of these, including the television, personal computer, and DVD player, it took me a while to narrow it down to the three best. With that, I have concluded what I believe to be the three best… View Article

Philips and Matsushita: A New Century, a New Round

Prior to the beginning of the World War II, the Philips organization was in the infancy stages of initiating a movement of technological prowess within the industry’s culture. They assumed the position as number one in the industry, consistently developing new manufacturing plants to keep in stride with innovations in the development of light bulbs… View Article