Philippines Essay Examples

Historical Background of the 1987 Constitution

The history of the 1987 Constitution began on 11 April 1899, the date when the Treaty of Paris between the United and Spain of 10 December 1898 became effective upon the exchange of instruments of ratification of both countries. But the sources of the 1987 Constitution are (i) McKinley’s Instructions to the Second Philippine Commission;… View Article

Filipino Traditional Games for Kids

While I was walking yesterday, I saw a group of children playing ‘luksong baka’. They were having fun while enjoying the game. Then I remember my childhood days twenty five years ago. I also use to play that kind of game with my neighboring kids especially on weekends. As years went by, these Filipino traditional… View Article

Why I Don’t Speak in English

For as Filipinos, English is our second language and it’s the nationwide used language. We’re learning the English language to improve our communication skills but does the school need to force the student to speak the English language? It is more appropriate if the schools shall have the freedom to let the student choose the… View Article

Philippine Artifacts

The Manunggul Jar is evidence of the spirituality of indigenous Filipinos. The Manunggul jar is cultural treasure found in the early 1960’s in Manunggul Cave, Lipuun Point, Palawan which is classified as a secondary burial jar, which means that only the bones of the corpse are placed inside. It has an elaborate design consisting of… View Article

Rizal’s Parents’ Qualities

1. What do you think is the contribution of Rizal’s parents’ qualities of the shaping of his personality that made him later hero? When Jose Rizal is still a child his mother taught him to read a book even if he is only 3 years old of age at that time. His father is called… View Article

Indigenization of psychology in the Philippines

The status of efforts to indigenize psychology in the Philippines is reviewed. We address progress in four aspects of indigenization: theoretical/conceptual, methodological, topical, and institutional. Much, but not all, of this progress is the result of efforts associated with the indigenous Sikolohiyang Pilipino (Filipino psychology) movement, which emphasizes (a) the development of a Filipino psychology… View Article

Sample study: MISnet Inc.

MISNet Inc. is a software company located at Makati Philippines founded at 1998. It is aimed to develop competitive software systems and has been in the business until now. By the year 2004, the company employed more programmers and workers as a part of their growing business strategy for the year 2008 because they predicted… View Article

International cuisine assignment

Answers: 1. Below are six dishes and seasonings commonly eaten by Southeast Asians or Pacific Islanders: Adobo is the most popular dish in the Philippines. It is meat which is usually cooked with vinegar, garlic, pepper and sometimes soy sauce and coconut milk can also be added. The meat may be pork or chicken. Adobo… View Article

Filipino Games

Like any other country in the world, Philippines have many different games that are played as a past time, or simply for recreational purposes. Some games are more popular and more well-known than the others, but the three games that stuck out at me were Tubigan, Sungka, and Culliot. Tubigan, also known as Patintero, is… View Article

Pizza Hut vs Greenwich

Greenwich Pizza is one true Filipino pizza chain. It is a small entrepreneurship that made an extraordinary leap to the big league. What started out as a small over-the-counter pizza store in the Greenhills Commercial Center in 1971, is now the Philippines biggest pizza chain. We are not just the biggest. We are the Philippines… View Article

I Am a Filipino, a Proud One

The Philippines. The Pearl of the Orient Seas, a country full of wonderful places, places being visited of tourists from different countries. A great country with great people called Filipinos. Filipinos, people with such nice traits. Tan, the color of their skin, the color that makes many foreigners envy them. They have rich black hair… View Article

Introduction in Accounting System for Sari-Sari Stores

A. Introduction Sari-sari store is the term used in the Philippines for small convenience store. It is from the tagalog word “sari-sari” which means “variety”. Such stores form important economic and social location in the Filipino community. It is present in almost all neighborhoods, sometimes in every street. The store is often attached to or… View Article

The Parole System

Parole is a grant given to prisoners who has performed well inside the correctional system.  To understand the laws involve, words used must be first understand.  Chapter one, Article III, of the book “Know Your Constitution”, says that act and omissions punishable by law are felonies.  There may be two types of felonies; it may… View Article

My Brother, My Executioner

I – The Characters Estaquio “Istak” Salvador / Estaquio “Istak” Samson * Estaquio also known as Istak is a young man serves as an acolyte in the church in Cabugaw. He was raised by Padre Jose, a Spanish priest in Cabugaw and gave him good education about healing arts and other practical skills that made… View Article

Jollibee – fast food the filipino way (case study)

1. Introduction Strategic management is a comprehensive study of how a firm performs during its course, with regard to its predetermined objectives, how they plan to achieve these objectives, and how much resources are expendable for those objectives. The process to determine the strategic management involves considerations of company’s strategic advantages and matching it with… View Article