Philip Glass Knee Play 1 from Einstein On The Beach

In the opera Einstein on the beach, the character of Einstein
never sings, but plays the violin

Minimalism is characterized by
brief ideas repeating and varying incrementally over a long span of time

“Knee Play 1” is written for electric organ and
mixed vocal ensemble and female speakers

Glass wanted the audience of Einstein on the Beach to
read their own meaning into the work

The harmony of “Knee Play 1” is
very simply tonality

Which compositional device is NOT used in”Knee Play 1″?

Which of the following is NOT one of the ways in which Phillip Glass creates variation in this piece
changed chords

What is one way Glass creates variety in the choral parts of this piece
Sometimes they leave out the number “1′

Which performing force moves independently of the others?
the female speakers

Phillip Glass has studied in all of the following places except