Pharmacy Essay Examples

Business Entities

Introduction: Most business entities, specifically those small enterprises use the manual process of recording inventories. They record inventories manually on a paper, as well as the product bought, sold and stored. The very in inconvenient process of recording manually made the researcher come up with the idea to make an electronic record keeping system for… View Article

Administer Medication to Individuals, and Monitor the Effects

The Medicines Act 1968 This act is an Act of Parliament of the United Kingdom and it governs the manufacture and supply of medicine. This act outlines three categories of medicines: •Prescription of medicines (POM). These are only available from a pharmacist if they are prescribed by an appropriate doctor. •Pharmacy medicines (P). These are… View Article

Pharmacy as a Career

One of the most dynamic industries in health care is pharmacy. I chose this career because it provides various outlets for professional growth, excellent financial gains, and the opportunity to take care of people all the time. As the “medication expert on the health care team,” my task is to manage the medication therapy of… View Article


It has always been my dream to be a pharmacist. To be able to contribute to the research and production drugs which will be of help to people far and wide and being able to touch lives long even after I have left this earth is dream like none other. I was able to express… View Article

The Reason for Choosing Pharmacy as a Profession

I belong to a family of traditional physicians in Hong Kong. As the eldest son in my family, it is certain that I will inherit this traditional medical practice. Our neighborhood has very few medical facilities available and consequently, there has always been a steady stream of ailing persons, visiting our clinic. Right from a… View Article

Pharmacy Admission

1) What attracts you to a career in pharmacy? The best aspect about pharmacy is that, like any other health care profession, it is primarily involved in the preservation and improvement of life. I believe that all the health care professions are noble professions since they are involved, one way or another, in the diagnosis… View Article

Pharm D Admission

The Doctor of Pharmacy Program is a professional degree program which offers education on the practice of pharmacy. Moreover, it also allows for other employment because of its wide range of course studies. In lieu with this, I would like to apply for the said program not only to gain knowledge on clinical training but… View Article

Pharm D Admission Essay

The Doctor of Pharmacy Program or the Pharm D Program’s main objective is to seek individuals who have the will to provide and promote excellent patient-care through the renderings of a well-backed up philosophies and theories on pharmaceutical care. I believe that I am ONE of those individuals WHO WILL provide for the objective of… View Article

Pharmacy Practice

Pharmacy profession is involved in dispensing medication and health care products to address the needs of the society and of the individual patient. With this, a pharmacist or a practitioner is directly responsible to the health care of their patients; therefore, his/her action can be either detrimental or beneficial to one’s life. In order to… View Article

Pharmacy as a Profession

My observation made me acknowledge that pharmacy is a profession that is concerned with the provision of health services to the members of the society. These services are always administered basing on the perspective of the therapy of drugs. The pharmacy health care professionals normally deal with the identification, prevention and resolving the drug therapy… View Article

Pharmacy Case

It is clearly obvious that the family who visited the Emergency Room with their son twice in two weeks, did not have a private physician. I do believe this particular family, like many others in America rely on the Emergency Room care for their family because they can’t afford medical insurance. Since the child  was… View Article

Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of oral Metoprolol

The patient, Roger Smith, is a forty year old man and came to the doctor’s office yesterday morning presenting a chief complaint of on and off headaches. Every now and then he felt dizzy and would complain about blurred vision. He mentions that he does not have any allergies to food or medicines. He admits… View Article

The Pharmaceutical Industry

1) Describe the nature of supplying drugs to emerging markets at an affordable price without undermining their profits 2) Research and analyze in depth the effectiveness of one proposed policy response to this issue. (To use economics theory to analyze)   A drug described as a pharmaceutical product used to treat illness, made up of… View Article

Pharmaceutical Care

Overview In today’s rich and diverse communities there is a call for professional medication management; pharmacist are trained to provide this service, and do so with compassion and at a level of individualized patient care unmatched by any other health care profession (Tindall, 2003). In the early 1980s, the notion of care was discovered and… View Article

Rite Aide pharmacy

My 3 day site visit was in the Rite Aide pharmacy. I was so excited because it was my first retail pharmacy visit. I really like the idea to experiment on visiting different types of pharmacy practices. One of my dream career is to be in a retail pharmacy and from my visit to this… View Article