Perspective Essay Examples

Theoretical Paradigm To Analyze A Current Newspaper Article

From a functionalist perspective, social institutions such as families and governments are analyzed and explained as collective means to satisfy specific or individual biological requisites. These social institutions, along with the rest, are composed of interconnected roles or norms such as the interconnected roles within the family (e.g. father, mother, etc.).             As it essentially… View Article

Victimhood and Victim Perspective

Each individual in the present society has the right for an equal opportunity and towards the different necessities in life such as the basic needs of food, shelter, clothing, and others. Aside from these, each individual also must have their own right for conceptual social values such as dignity, peace, welfare and many others. These… View Article

A US Perspective

With a total import of 6926. 2 million dollars in December 2008, the US is arguably the leading player in the global textile industry (US Government, 2009). China is one of USA’s leading partners in ensuring that the textile industry develops. The textile industry has in the past years been displaying positive growth except for… View Article

Global Culture: A Sociological Perspective

With emergence of concepts like lingua franca and cultural assimilation, the world is reckoned to have lost its diversity. For this shift from ‘salad bowl’ to ‘melting pot’ phenomenon, the repercussions emerge in the form of global culture – a culture common to entire globe. At one hand, this concept contradicts the sociological understanding of… View Article

Marketing Institute of Singapore (MIS)

Organization Analysis – Assignment (40%) Culture and Mechanistic An organisation’s culture is not imposed but develops through social interaction. Critically evaluate this statement in relation to the Culture and Mechanistic perspectives. Introduction Every organization relies on its resources to manage and run the business. There are four typical types of resources – Human resource, financial… View Article

Piero Della Francesca and the Use of Geometry in His Art

Piero della Francesca and the use of geometry in his art This paper takes a look at the art work of Piero della Francesca and, in particular, the clever use of geometry in his work; there will be a diagram illustrating this feature of his work at the end of this essay. To begin, the… View Article

Anselm and Aquinas Perspective

Anselm of Canterbury and Thomas Aquinas had conceptualized their own justification for the existence of God. For Anselm, he chiefly indicated his strong defense of intellectual foundations of Christianity under the concept of “ontological argument” for the existence of God. Anselm argued that the existence of God is not only in human minds but rather… View Article

Psychological Critical Perspective

The utilization of a psychological critical perspective in literature entails the utilization of a specific psychological perspective to be used in the assessment of the various elements within the text as they are related to both the author and the intended audience of the work. Bernard Paris (1997) states that the use of psychology in… View Article

Christian Perspective on Counseling

This is a personal theory paper which focuses on the Christian perspective; it involves the integration of faith and scripture into the personal counseling process. It discusses personality structures, individual differences and the motivations that guide and push the human person. Included is a contextual definition of health and the factors that cause illness. They… View Article

Free Will and Religion: A Nietzsche Perspective

Free will has been studied for many centuries and has still puzzled ordinary people, many thinkers, scholars, theories, literary figures, and theologians worldwide. It has been confused with so many factors such as necessity or determinism from which the individual wonder whether his actions are based on self will or driven by conditions he cannot… View Article

The War in Perspective: A Comparative Literature

Literature is a mirror. An author laboring to create his literary piece is laboring to create his self-image, a reflection of his intimate self, emotions expressed through still inscriptions, yet in a way, building blocks of living and moving pictures communicated from the mind of the author to the reader’s inner eye (commonly referred as… View Article

Contentment from a Different Person’s’ Perspective

“God knows best”. This is a title of one of the poems made by Helen Steiner Rice. It is stated in the poem that whatever challenges that come in people’s lives, it is not a punishment but an opportunity to be strong. Tears that flow from eyes will eventually become a source of courage to… View Article

Functionalist Perspective of Colin Turnbull’s The Forest People

BaMbuti is a pygmy group of people found in the equatorial Congo forest. The community used to hunt and gather as their mode of life. Their economic importance included the exchange of their products with the neighboring communities. They used to exchange the animal meat derived from their hunting with farm produce given by their… View Article

Hawthorne’s Perspective of Italy

Traveling has always been one of the most pleasurable and at the same time educational past times people always love doing. Going to different places enables people to learn new things by meeting people of different languages, of different cultures, and by going to places with different environments, history and traditions. Traveling can also be… View Article

Balanced Scorecards at BIOCO

An Analysis of, “Case Study 7-2: Balanced Scorecards at BIOCO” BIOCO has realized from its use of balanced scorecards that the company has been able to open communication channels, where common goals are established throughout the whole company. Employees are able to view the company’s value drivers, such as financial performance. The Chief Intelligence Officer… View Article