Personal life Essay Examples

Personal life

My dad and I have a warmer relationship than my mom and I. The relationship between my dad and I, is different than the relationship with my mom because ever since birth id always be with my dad. Having mostly done everything with my dad it got our relationship so close; I did not want… View Article

The Artifact That Best Describes My Personality

The artifact that best describes my personality is my 1993 Nisson pickup truck. It is an automatic so it is a classic because they only made five hundred automatics that year. I have been told by everyone that has met me that I am a very classy lady. My truck is a 4-cyclinder engine that… View Article

PBA Scholarship Application

In this stage of my life, it is essential that I think about my future and my goals. In doing so, I also have the opportunity to reflect on my past, the road that has gotten me to where I am. As I look to pave my future, I see the path that I have… View Article

Reflections on my Personal and Professional Growth

My time studying with the University of Phoenix online has affected my life in many ways. I have had the chance to learn a lot by utilizing the Internet to help me further my education. I feel that my degree will open many new doors for me, but first I will go back and discuss… View Article

Overcoming the Challenges to Succeed

The winter of 2006 will forever remain very significant in my entire life. I was full of anxiety and uncertainty about our future as my mom and I stepped off a plane and entered a land that we had only heard about on the news. The year 2006 represented a major turning point for me… View Article

My Exchange Experience

Ocean is more resplendent because of its waves; forest is lusher because of the rainstorms; and life is richer because of all the milestones. I always believe that what makes people different is not the starting point, but the turning point. Twenty years had been gone in my life, but I did not feel my… View Article

My Johari Window

Doing this assignment has been especially thrilling for me. For one, I am the type who likes to take personality test. I spend time searching and answering online quizzes that “reveals” something about myself, from the fun types like “What kind of mythical creature are you? ” to the more serious type like the Enneagram… View Article

The New York City skyline

The New York City sky line looked breathtaking from my hotel window in Jersey. Just five minutes out from the city, I could see her extend from the northernmost point almost to the Statue of Liberty. I stood very aware of the beauty of this skyline in the early morning mist. It appeared to be… View Article

An Eventful Day

The dismissal bell rang shrilly and resounded throughout the entire school. Students streamed out of the building and made a beeline to the school gates. Friends were talking animatedly as they swapped anecdotes of the happenings of their day at school. The blazing sun shone mercilessly. Thankfully, shady trees and fluffy white clouds provided respite… View Article

The Happiest Thing of My Life

Memories stop at a couple of years ago. That is a rain day, and I didn’t take my umbrella, so I stay at the door of a shop. There is a homeless woman next to a little at the other side of the road. I thought the little boy should be her son. The girl… View Article

Lessons taught by Sonny and Cher

My parents to me have always been well, mom and dad. We lived in a world of routine where mornings would be filled with rushed breakfasts of bagels, cereal, coffee and juice. A hurried “hi mom and dad, bye mom and dad! ” was all I could squeeze out while grabbing some toast before heading… View Article

Thanksgiving Day

As the leaves are heard rustling outside in the breezy air, in our house the only thing you can hear is laughter and loads of merriment reverberating themselves throughout the walls. The minute that you walk in the house, different aromas saturate the air and enter your nose. Smells ranging from green bean casserole, homemade… View Article

The Happiest Moment of My Life

Running on the road with wind shouting in my ears, I enjoyed the happiest moment of my life. Like people praying and participating in spiritual practices, I find my spirituality which eases and relieves me. It is running helping me retrieving energy, and the memory with it has become the happiest in my life. I… View Article

Emerson College

Short Answer A: My intended major at Emerson College is marketing and communication. I have been interested in marketing since I was very young. My parents started their own business when I was a kid, and I was often exposed to business related things (like dinners with clients, factory tours, etc. ). I enjoyed being… View Article

My Unforgettable Experience

Good morning to my beloved lecturer and my entire fellow classmate. Today I want to share with all of you about my unforgettable experience that when the first time I have my own self phone. It is not so attractive, but it is an experience that taught me a lot. I come from modest family… View Article