Personal Experience Essay Examples

Personal experience

Few experiences in one’s lifetime have the capacity to transform. It takes an event of such immense magnitude to shake up ones’ frame of mind but when this occurs, one’s life never remains the same. Before the occurrence of such an event in my life, I was less concerned as the plight of refugees and… View Article

Personal experience at Real Estate Development and Investment

It was either to be a blessing or cursing. I had just come from the university as a fresh graduate. Job insecurity is a thing that sends chills of tremor down the spine of each graduate. Thank goodness this never happened with me but a new challenge was ahead. The firm which I was operating… View Article

University life

University life as I have experienced brought about a shift or a change in my life. I had previously thought a lot about how it was going to be, and whether I was ready to take on a more mature role, even as a student, as it turns out today, the journey was fun. In… View Article

Personal experiences

My life is one that is full of trivialities. Of course every one has been through hard times but I believe my case is on a different level. However, I am proud to say that my determination led me to overcome life’s obstacles. It all started when I was still in grade school. I have… View Article

Personal Experience that Changed my Life

America may be experiencing the worst financial crisis this year. People may worry about losing jobs and missing opportunities for bigger earnings. But at age eighteen and fresh from high school graduation, I am all hopes and all set to start the best years of my life. Just a few years back, I was enjoying… View Article