People Essay Examples

People and culture

In this essay I am going to compare to poems present people and culture. Whether it be using words, imagery or the tone of the poem. The two poems I will be comparing are ‘What were they like’ by Denise Levertov and ‘presents from my aunts in Pakistan’ by Moniza Alvi. Both people consider the… View Article

Unknown Dustman

Mr. Wang Xiao is famous in my dormitory, everyone in No. 53 Building where we live knows him. However, he is so ordinary that few students know his name. Stairs up stairs down, I can always see him busy collecting garbage silently. He is a nice and kind hearted person with few words. Born in… View Article

Sex and marriage

“The Country Wife shows us that people’s attitude towards love, sex and marriage have not changed in over 300 years” How far do you agree with this statement? The “Country Wife” is a 17th century drama set in the period when the restoration was evolving. The once puritan England was vastly flourishing with greater tolerance… View Article

The death of many innocent people

‘The Crucible’ by Arthur Miller is all about a lie which spirals out of control until it becomes the cause of the death of many innocent people. The reverend’s daughter, Betty Parris, and a group of her friends are discovered dancing in the forest by Samuel Parris himself. There was Betty, Mary Warren, Mercy Lewis,… View Article

Investigate the following hypothesises

Drop (d) in cm Frequency Cumulative Frequency 5 will now put the results from the cumulative frequency table into a cumulative frequency curve for males and females. From both cumulative frequency curves I can take an approximate median and inter-quartile range for both females and males. It tells me that the females have a smaller… View Article

Investigate different ways in which reaction times

Some people have slower reaction times than others. To find this out, I have decided to test some people in my class. We are now going to investigate different ways in which reaction times of people can be measured. Reaction times A reaction time is how long a person takes to react to something. Methods… View Article

Dear People of the World

This letter should be read by someone thirty years from now, in the year 2014. It is currently 1984, I am a citizen of Oceania a place run by Big Brother and his people. We are treated like zoo animals, everything is controlled. I hope that you are reading this in a free world, a… View Article

The Jeremy Kyle Show

An odd looking couple, both of whom look as though they could have stepped straight out of the set of Little Britain, sit on an open stage while a bunch of adults; sit gawping at them as if they were animals in the zoo. The couple who are so wrapped up in an argument that… View Article

People talk of natural sympathies

A running theme from Charlotte Bronte throughout her novel, Jane Eyre is the idea, I have previously used that ‘conventionality is not morality’. This idea is continued throughout the novel. It would be thought, in the Victorian era far more conventional for Jane and Rochester to just be Governess and Master; however Jane, throughout the… View Article

Meccan people

Zoroaster’s miracles are often very similar to Jesus’s, although most of Zoroaster’s miracles focus on healing others, rather than displaying power. He often healed people of blindness, lameness, and other physical conditions suffered by those he encountered. One particular miracle proved to be very significant for Zoroaster’s role as a prophet. When called before a… View Article

What Are People For?

Wendell Berry’s persuasive argument that many modern conceptions of progress and happiness are rooted in ignorance and self-deception finds substantial validation in even a cursory glance of modern media and political discourse. Looked at more closely, the misconceptions ably identified by Wendell Berry in the Western (and particularly American) vision of life and life responsibilities,… View Article

Is honesty in a relationship also the best policy?

People tell lies when they are afraid. Afraid of the reactions of other people, afraid of the judgment of their loved ones, afraid of the unknown, afraid of what will be revealed about themselves. What people don’t know is that every time they tell a lie, the thing that they fear becomes stronger. Lying cannot… View Article

Employer to Make Rules Against Dating in the Workplace?

Working relationship may develop into a higher kind of relationship, this goes true among co-workers who are always together and do the same things everyday. There is also that feeling that they have a little chance of meeting new people outside work since they are confined in their own world, that is – work. People… View Article

How Knowing English can Help People

English language is one of the major languages in the world. With over 380 million people speaking the language as a first language and another 470 million people speaking it as their second language, it remains one of the six dialects endorsed by the United Nations. Knowledge of English places you at an advantage as… View Article

War and Its Effects on People

War is one of the most tragic and terrible events a person can experience. War produces irreversible effects on human psyche and deprives a person of a chance to restore his (her) system of values. Those who have gone through a war never return to normal life. Moreover, they are condemned to carry the far-reaching… View Article