Penology Essay Examples

Life of a Corrections Officer

Being a correction officer is not an easy job. Each and every correction officer has a daily routine, stress, danger, and has to learn to gain compliance of every inmate. Every day in a prison working with inmates can be a challenge; some days may seem easier than other days. There is a daily routine… View Article

Bring Back Flogging

First off, I believe we should bring back flogging. We have a problem with prisons now days and I believe flogging can help. Prisons just don’t work. They’re overcrowded, violent, and cost way too much money. They are completely ineffective! I remember back in high school, if we got in trouble we would be suspended… View Article

The Reason Behind Criminal Sentencing

When someone commits a crime and they are caught and convicted they receive some type of punishment through the process of sentencing. The three main reasons for criminal sentencing are punishment, crime reduction and reparation. Some types of sentencing may contain things to help with deterrence, rehabilitation, incapacitation and retribution of the convicted criminal. When… View Article

Capital Punishment in the United States

Have you ever thought about if the person sitting next to you is a murderer? If he is, what would you want from the government if he had killed someone you know? He should receive the death penalty! Murderers and other major offenders should be punished for the crimes they have committed and should pay… View Article

The Death Penalty Should Be Abolished

The death penalty should be abolished as a form of punishment. This paper intends to shine some light on the death penalty in order to help the reader understand what issues face the system today and what problems can be corrected. This paper achieves this by: (1) pointing out the wrongful sentencing of innocent people… View Article

Narrative Report

Acknowledgement First I would like to thank for God for the daily life that he given to me, for the good health, wisdom knowledge and power to challenge and face in any problem that comes in my life. To my parents Father Santos and mother Editha for their support, love and encouragement. To Mr. Angelo… View Article

The Controversies in Juvenile Justice

Each year, thousands of adolescents in the United States have been tried and sentenced to life in prison without parole, a punishment that has many of its own controversies. Debates are held on whether or not these kids should be tried and sentenced in the same way that adults are tried and sentenced. Many justices… View Article

Correctional Operations

Many nations and cultures have come up with official laws to protect their citizens from crimes. Over the years these laws have been in force, to help keep society from becoming anarchy. Different forms of punishments have been used to detour would be criminals. However you will find citizens still tends to break the laws…. View Article

Punishment: Forms and Functions

In a contemporary society where crime takes place we expect the state authority to dispense justice in the form of punishment to maintain social solidarity. There are many forms of punishment that can be given to an offender, each with their own functions for the offender and society itself. Imprisonment is one of the most… View Article

Sentencing Paper

Americans are so use to the traditional sentencing and the options that have been probation, fines, and going to prison. Concerning the way things were done in the past to now it has changed drastically. Sentencing philosophies, or the justifications on which various sentencing strategies are based, are manifestly intertwined with issues of religion, morals,… View Article

Community Corrections Paper

We are all familiar with the concept of prisons and jails as punishment for committing crimes as well has someone receiving probation instead of imprisonment; however there are also community corrections which many of us are unfamiliar with. Community Correction programs are an alternative to sending someone to jail or prison and are often operated… View Article

Should they death penalty be brought back into Australia?

The debate for restoration of the death penalty in Australia has been ongoing since the 1985 abolishment of capital punishment in Australia. Following the abolishment of capital punishment, Australia has not seen any rise in the number of homicides and murders, suggesting that execution does not deter criminals. Each time another heinous crime is committed,… View Article

Reintroduce death penalty

Death penalty is a legal process through which, as a punishment a person is sentenced to death for a criminal offense by the state. Criminal offenses punishable through death penalty are referred to as capital offenses or capital crimes. The death penalty proponents, pro-capital punishment argues that it is an important aspect for deterring crimes,… View Article

Prison Reform

Three inmates could be released from prison today. Two of them will end up right back in the system within three years. This statistic should be enough to conclude that America’s prison systems are failing miserably with the rehabilitation of inmates. How is it plausible for every correctional facility to think isolation, segregation, and overcrowding… View Article

Mandatory Life without Parole for Juveniles

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Currently, over 2,500 people are serving a life sentence without the option of parole for crimes committed as adolescents. Fortunately, this policy is not considered in all states. Twelve states have discontinued life sentences without the option of parole for juveniles. Almost two- thirds of life without parole sentences for juveniles (JLWOP) happens… View Article