Pediatrics Essay Examples

The Psychological Development of Three Pediatric Cases

Over the years, many people have studied how children grow psychologically and intellectually and develop their own individual. Theories have been established in this area to understand and explain how this happens. Some of these theories may emphasize the relationship of gene inheritance, the importance of the child’s environment or their ability and opportunity to… View Article

Epidemiology: Infant and Et Al

Premature babies are considered a vulnerable population. They are at risk for many complications of prematurity such as anemia, hypoglycemia, Cerebral Palsy, retinopathy, and necrotizing enterocolitis (Mayo Clinic, 2014). Necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) is a devastating condition that occurs in the premature baby’s bowel in which the cells lining the bowel wall are injured (2014). This… View Article

Microeconomic Analysis

The purpose of this paper to is outline and highlight the demand and supply associated with the need for physicians in today’s marketplace. In a microeconomic analysis, we will dissect the supply of physicians versus the needed demand, the elasticity of needs, total of production pricing, and profit or loss connected with this career choice…. View Article

The Hippocratic Oath Today

The Hippocratic Oath has been applied to doctors since the time of the Ancient Greeks. Medical students within this generation still swear upon Hippocratic’s Oath once commencing and concluding their medical studies. This brings into focus how important and how valued Hippocratic’s Oath is within the medical community. However, the aim to find common ground… View Article

Marketing Reflection Paper

Marketing is a major component for most business in the United States but is only just beginning to take hold in the healthcare field. Within the healthcare arena the concepts of marketing has taken a long time to develop. In the late 1970s Evanston Hospital in Illinois was the first hospital to hire a marketing… View Article

Amber Teething Necklace

Infancy is one of the most fragile stages of human life. As infants begin to mature, one of their most common pains is when they begin teething. Teething is when the teeth of the infant start to form and begin to build up pressure as they start breaking through the skin of their gums causing… View Article

Low birth weight & Preterm

Low birth weight is considered to be less than 5.5 pounds when a baby is born. Low birth weight is one of the major leading causes of infant death in the United States. Through education and awareness, the United States has dropped infant mortality rates dramatically. In 1980, infant death averaged twelve percent due to… View Article

Low birth weight and preterm babies

Low birth weight and preterm babies in United States is increasing. Low birth weight babies are babies who are born with the birth weight of less than 5 lbs. either due to preterm delivery or due to restriction of growth inside the uterus. These low birth weight babies are at increased risk for early death… View Article

Current evidence based approaches for children’s behaviour

Identify and explain current evidence based approaches to understanding children and young people’s behaviour Evidence-based practice (EBP) is the integration of best research evidence with practice expertise and the values of service users and carers. Firstly, when looking at best practice strategies in our setting it is evident that a number of theorists have had… View Article

Paediatric emergency first aid

1. Understand the role of the paediatric first aider 1.1 identify the responsibilities of a pediatric first aider As a paediatric first aider you should aim to preserve life, prevent the condition worsening, and promote recovery. A paediatric first aider needs to stay calm at all times and appear confident and reassuring. Assess the risk… View Article