Patriotism Essay Examples


Bader main thesis is that patriotism is neither good nor evil, depending on how its ‘name’ is called upon. Bader asserts that patriotism has numerous forms, and yet the author expresses that all these forms share common psychological underpinnings – that of meeting the needs of safety and connectedness. The author begins by saying that… View Article

Definition Analysis on Patriotism

According to the American Heritage Dictionary, patriotism can be defined as :love and devotion to one’s country”. This seems a broad enough definition for a word that is often used by people, but seldom closely examined. One person’s practice of patriotism might be regarded as treason by another and visa-versa. In modern day America it… View Article

Employer Compliance with the Patriot Act

Section 215 of the Patriot Act is an amendment to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 which states the federal government can request, and obtain, any “tangible things (including books, records, papers, documents, and other items) for an investigation to protect against international terrorism or clandestine intelligence activities” (Aftab, 2003). This information may include… View Article

Does Patriotism Still Matter

Many people today wonder if patriotism still matters. There are many different opinions to this issue in present day America. Some people say that it does still matter and that it will always matter. Patriotism to those people is important because they have a love for their country and a desire to for their country… View Article


To some people, being a patriot means never questioning the decisions of their leaders. To others, being a patriot means constantly keeping their leaders in check, reminding them that they are working for the people. In modern America, what it means to be a patriot has become the topic of much debate, as controversial wars,… View Article

“The Angry American” by Toby Keith

Tragedy is one of the most influential inspirations for art, including songwriting. In recent times, many artists responded to their feelings toward the destruction of the Twin Towers on September 11th, 2001, with an abundance of artwork, poetry, and songs. One of the songs, Toby Keith’s “The Angry American,” may conceivably be portrayed as a… View Article

What patriotism mean to me

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