Partnership Essay Examples

Partnership transportation

Partnership transportation in broad mind means involvement of all parties in the running and operations of transportation and its impact, retrieved from a journal on “facilitating partnership in transportation (2005) page 7 and 8”, by James A Merchant and Barbara T Harder. Transportation and maintenance is a work done by local government and the state… View Article

The Essential Elements of a Partnership as a Business Entity

Introduction The partnership as a form of business enterprise developed from the concept that if two of more individual owners joined forces a stronger entity would develop because they would then have at their disposal their combined resources, financial, skills and others. The South African law of partnership is largely governed by common law principles,[1]… View Article

Partnership and Its Types

A partnership arises whenever two or more people co-own a business, and share in the profits and losses of the business. Each person contributes something to the business — such as ideas, money, or property — though management rights and personal liability will vary. In Pakistan the partnership firms are registered under the partnership act… View Article

Case Memo: Howard Wolowitzz & Rajesh Koothrappalii

THE PARTIES: 1.Howard Wolowitzz: eighty-seven years old, was an excellent engineer. He was a retired soldier who had served with the Canadian Army. He worked in Ontario later, and became a realtor and a developer of lands. 2.Rajesh Koothrappalii: fifty-five years old, was a chartered accountant. He has abundant experiences and background knowledge about the… View Article

Partnership and Norms

Partner selection and dating is an imperative basis in an individual’s accomplishment of one of his psychosocial needs. Selecting a partner and the process of dating is crucial in determining the quality and nature of future relationships and marital decisions. According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, as represented by a pyramid which indicates the basic… View Article

Partnership Distributions

The capital used to carry out the operations of the partnership usually comes from the individual partner’s contributions. There contributions represent capital (their interest in the partnership). Under the general tax provisions, contributions by partners to a business can be at a gain or loss, which is not recognized. The same treatment is accorded to… View Article

Importance of Partnerships

The term partnership entails the joining of two entities or corporations of people or organizations with the unique intention of achieving much better results of the intended goals through combination of effort and other related resources. Indeed the general perception of partnership has evolved as a very central theme in the field of policy making… View Article

Legal, Social, and Economic Environments of Business

There are several categories that a small business can fall into. Within these businesses there are legal, social and economic environments that effect how the business is run and whether the business is a success or failure. From the cost to run to how the tax return is filed; all three have their advantages and… View Article

Characteristic of partnership

Identify and explain any FOUR (4) characteristics of a partnership. A partnership means a business is founded by two or more individuals, for example like small businesses which including retail or services business. There are certain characteristic for partnership, the first characteristic is partnership is limited life. Partnership may only established in certain year based… View Article

Working Partnership

3.1 Explain why it is important to work in partnership with others. It is important that you work in partnership with all of the people surrounding the individuals that you are supporting, in order to ensure the best possible support and care are provided. This will include Carers, Families, Advocates and other people who are… View Article

Business Entities, Laws, and Regulations Paper

There are different scenarios with three different forms of entities that require taking control, taxation, and possible liability issues into account. These considerations will not only serve to ensure compliance is met but also so that each establishment is protected. In the first scenario Lou and Jose plan to open a restaurant/sports bar, the issue… View Article

Law for Manager

The partnership act 1890 governs the relationship of the persons and the outside world. And in respect of dissolution; if there is no partnership agreement, the partnership act set out the rights and duties of the partners. Such rights and duties (by act or agreement) may be varies by the consent of all partners. (S… View Article

Work In Partnership

1.1 Identify the features of effective partnership working. A partnership is an arrangement between two or more groups, organizations or individuals to work together to achieve common aims. Features of this are that; All the parties involved have some sort of personal stake in the partnership; All the partners are working towards a common aim;… View Article


Q-1Define Partnership and explain the features of Partnership? Ans. A partnership is the relationship existing between two or more persons who join to carry on a trade or business. Each person contributes money, property, labor or skill, and expects to share in the profits and losses of the business. A partnership must file an annual… View Article

Understanding Partnership Working

There are many advantages to partnership working. The main advantage being, that when all partnerships work together it enables the service user to have a better quality of life and sustain authority and freedom over their own lives. Good Partnership working between individuals and health and social care providers will encourage compliance with care as… View Article