Painting Essay Examples

Analysis of Violin and Candlestick by Georges Braque

Braque’s oil painting is a cubistic still-life. It’s content seems to be made up of what looks like his belongings – a violin, a fruit bowl, a candlestick, a newspaper etc. As he lived in Paris at the time this painting was produced, these belongings would have been in his apartment in one of the… View Article

Thomas Hart Benton

Described by former U.S. President Harry Truman as the best painter in America, Thomas Hart Benton led a new art movement in the country in an era when modernism and abstract art were in vogue. Benton, the scion of a famous political family in Neosho, Missouri, is one of the widely recognized popular artists in… View Article

Painter: Thomas Cole

Summary: Thomas Cole the English American landscape painter is best known for his canvass country landscape paintings. The “world outdoors” as it appeared to the painter. Although, his allegorical pieces were considered a failure, however, he had captured artistic peers that had learned from his mastery. It’s an artist belief that the art makes sense… View Article

Thy Will Be Done, Chester Arnold

Among all paintings, Chester Arnold’s “Thy Will Be Done” attracts me the most. It gives me a sense of intricate and dreadful feelings. The painting depicts an uneven and muddy construction landscape where construction materials scattered are everywhere. Unfinished constructions may still be seen on the left portion where blocks are scattered and unfinished. However,… View Article

Comparison of Three (3) Paintings

Theme: The Battle of the Amazons, 1618 by Pieter Pauwel Rubens seems to be of war, violence and the dire need to finish a battle no matter the cost while the Heart of the Andes, 1859 by Frederic Edwin Church seems to be about the vastness and beauty of nature in its balance of contrasts… View Article

Painter: Thomas Cole

Summary: Thomas Cole the English American landscape painter is best known for his canvass country landscape paintings. The “world outdoors” as it appeared to the painter. Nature was his favorite subject as can be seen from his works. Although he preferred to create landscape paintings of nature he also has a few allegorical works. All… View Article

Picasso`s Le Demoiselles d`Avignon

Undoubtedly, Picasso intended his 1907 painting “Le Demoiselles d’ Avignon” to shock audiences and, in particular, art-critics and artists. Evidence that Picasso intended to shock the public with this work is apparent in the painting’s title and subject matter, “a large and strange canvas based on memories of a brothel in the Rue d’Avignon, Barcelona”… View Article

Demoiselles d’Avignon and Grand Nu

Pablo Picasso’s Demoiselles d’Avignon (1907) and Georges Braque’s Grand Nu (1908) are both crucial works of modernist painting from the same place and period. Though both artists were pioneers of Cubism, these works use markedly different styles; while Picasso’s work inspired Cubist painting, which used simultaneous views of multiple angles, Braque’s is a classic work… View Article

Pablo and Braque: Art after World War I

World War I left a tremendously lasting impact all over the world. The economic, social and governmental devastation were immeasurable.  The war begins in 1914 and lasted four years.  Eight million people lost their lives many being civilians in what has been called the Great War.    Europe was left totally destroyed economically and socially. Europe… View Article

Two Italian Paintings

The Madonna and Child subject matter was culled from Duccio di Buoninsegna’s (considered the father of Sienese painting) “Maestá” which depicts “the Madonna and Child enthroned with saints and angels on the front of its two-sided panel (“Sienese Paintings”). Enriching each painting are Byzantine influences, the so-called International Gothic Style and the work of seven… View Article

Picasso’s Girl before a Mirror

At first glance, Pablo Picasso’s painting Girl before a Mirror makes use of colors that are not as lively as they seem in contrast with the lighter and more vibrant colors. It can also be immediately observed that the painting makes use of lines that were drawn freehand, or that the lines do not appear… View Article

The Complexity of Relationships

What happens when a servant and a master form a secret relationship? Not in the way one would think of but a person who forms a close relationship with their master than necessary are usually looked down upon. Girl with a Pearl Earring talks about the experiences and the relationship Griet forms working for Johannes… View Article

Comparison Between Two Paintings

During the 14th century, when the beginning of the Renaissance took place, Florence was one of the main political, economic, and artistic cities in Europe. The Black Death, the plague that reduced the population of Florence, and the difficulties Florence encountered by this time explain the heavy influence of gothic style in architecture and the… View Article

The Origin of the World – by Gustave Courbet

This painting is by Guastave Courbet who created it in 1866. The painting has a close up view of a woman lying on a bed. The painting specifically show her belly and the legs are spread. According to the painting, this is a Caucasian woman. Her breasts are developed and she has pubic hair. We… View Article

Filipino Artist

Fernando Amorsolo – Most of his paintings portrayed the Filipino culture, tradition, and customs like Filipino fiestas. He became popular because of his illuminated landscapes and his historical paintings on which you can see the real reflection of a Filipino soul. Some of his major works were: * The Bombing of the Intendencia (1942) *… View Article